BIG BOSS – 3 ( UP TO 01.12.09)

I have words of praise for Big Boss for creating big impact by catering to the tastes and moods of the viewers. All episodes are now filled with activities and tensions of the inmates of the house, all of whom now seem to be charged up. But what Big Boss seems to lack is the sting and authority and the rules framed for the participants are compromised more often than not. Nominations and strategies are now openly discussed and debated and open strategies are made contrary to the pronounced provisions for the participants. Participants freely speak English and the Big Boss lets them go scot-free. Neither any warning has any impact on them, nor the Big Boss has any idea to do anything about it. Viewers have no other option but to guess the activities and strategies wondering as to why an unintelligible language  is preferred in India where it is understood by about 10% of the viewers or even less. Even people with knowledge of English do not understand in what language Claudia is talking and what is going on in between she and others, especially Pravesh.

Well, Mr. Dara Singh is a highly respected personality who besides remaining unconquered as a freestyle wrestler in the world for five decades has given sterling performances on the screen in about fifty films and serials. He has hardly ever in any controversy so far in a life spanning about nine decades. People of India will never forget or forgive any person using his name in a derogatory manner. After all, it is the son of Mr. Dara Singh who is the participant here and not Mr. Dara Singh himself. I thank Bindu for the restraint shown by him, but I am surprised that the Big Boss has not taken a serious note of it.

About weekly nominations, I am of the opinion that any participant nominated for two weeks at a stretch need not be nominated for the consecutive third week as he has come out popular both the times earlier. Instead, those continuing evading nominations by sponsoring groups should be nominated by Big Boss himself if they evade nominations for two times as a measure of test of their popularity. Such measures will make Big Boss more acceptable and popular in the days to come.

All said and done, we have been eagerly waiting to see more of Bindu’s entertainments us with his open manners as with the declining comical value of Raju , Bindu now remains the only entertainer in the Big Boss’ house.

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