Advance System Care-3: “Independent Applications”

Many tools, under utilities option of “ Advance System Care-3”(ASC-3) available as independent downloadable applications. Hence, if you want to utilise those, then you have to download them separately, simply clicking those applications icon on ASC-3 utilities menu, takes you to the download page , it will open yours default internet browser. Today, we will empathize more on these independent applications.

Game Booster: If you are a gamer, boost yours gaming performance on PC with the  Game Booster. Clicking on Game Booster  on ASC-3 utilities, it will open up for you a download page for the component. After complete download, then install it. It cleans RAM, temporarily shuts down background processes, increases processor performances. Just press the large “ Switch to Gaming Mode” button. After, yours game session over, click on the “back to normal mode”  to jump back to yours system to default configuration.

Smart Defrag: With regular defragment of yours hard drive makes it smooth and efficient. It improves yours system performances and response period. Smart Defrag has the option of scheduling defragment. Auto defrag and manual defrag also available in it. For manual defragment simply select the drive you want to defrag and then click start to defrag it. You also have the  option of normal defrag, smart defrag and deep defrag. As from my personal experience deep defrag takes time also unable defrag some system files. It may vary in some other PCs.

Smart Ram:  It frees up RAM while processor is idle. You can toggle with the setting of Smart Ram . For instant cleaning click”Go”. With “Smart Clean” 30 MB cleaning done, and with “Deep clean”, instantly clears virtual memory to a comprehensive extent.

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Advance System Care ASC-Utilities Smart RAMGame Booster  Smart Defrag

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