$1000 Ginormous Giveaway


The "Ginormous" Giveaway is just getting started at Design Informer.There are lots of prizes  you can win. The total value of these prizes are well over $1000 dollars.There are lots of prizes to be won.

Entering the contest is simple. There are 2 steps:Leave a comment about your favorite post so far  at Design Informer. Second, follow  "Ginormous" Giveaway on Twitter and tweet about the contest. Please make sure you include #ginormousgift in your tweet so "Ginormous" Giveaway can track it. (you can tweet as many times as you would like, just don’t SPAM).

It’s that simple. The winners and their prizes will be drawn at random by "Ginormous" Giveaway and announced on December 22nd, which is exactly one week from today.

Here are the details: http://designinformer.com/enter-ginormous-christmas-giveaway/

Sources & Citations: Raymond.CC Forum (hideipuser)

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