Your 56kmodem connects at 33.6k or less part:2



  1. Software modems depend upon yours PCs available memory and CPU speed. If you have  older PC with low memory (RAM) and lots of heavy applications open simultaneously then it will affect yours softwares modem speed. In some cases frequent disconnection (dial-up)  reason may have been what is writter above.
  2. Check yours Internet Explorer and Outlook express settings.

Internet Explorer go to > Tools> Internet Options > Connections > Dial-up Settings > Advance Dial –up setting > “Disconnection when connection may no longer be required” you will not find this option in IE8.

Out look Express go to Tools> Options > Connections > “ Connect to this account using” is not to be selected for each mail and news account . Then go to Tools > Options > Connections and Turn off “ Hang up after send / receive”.

Source:  Microsoft , Microsoft 1

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