How to fight recession – 4

For over two months from now, I have been almost half a kilometer more for purchasing breakfast for my family. This is not because I love walking, but primarily because I like tasty food as others do like and I get it from the new canteen I have discovered and adopted of late.

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It is not a canteen, but a food stall with first food of cook-and-eat type where I have to wait for ten to fifteen minutes to get fresh and hot food with ten to fifteen customers waiting for their turn to come before I reach there. But the disposal promising to be very speedy, I never get bored. the owner who himself would be preparing all food by himself helped by three others is so competent and capable that he performs a threesome function of greeting his customers, preparing food and serving them also. He has such a winning smile and a pleasing look that his mesmeric effect casts a spell on each and everyone visiting his shop.

I find his performance the best quality quantity and cost wise: quality-wise because the food is very tasty and palatable; quantity-wise because one plate of his food is adequate enough to fill up your belly; cost-wise because a full plate of fast food is available at rupees ten only and no where in my area all the three basic parameters have not been addressed.

The canteen owner opens his selling at about 08.00AM and closes it at 09.30AM curiously ending his one and half hours business which no other sales person does it within twelve to thirteen hours of business daily.      

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