BIG BOSS – 3 (up to 18.11.09)

Big Boss has been continually experimenting with new strategies to retain its viewer base and even to go beyond. But a few more strategic insertions will prove magical and interesting and the viewership will increase considerably:

  1. All participants now know as to what was going behind them and how they were back-stabbed as the culprits were nabbed and even jailed and censored; but what is not known to the participants until recently is how the Bakhtiar-duo were planning and executing. The nasty part of the story should also be shown and exposed.
  2. In the two earlier Big Bosses, ample time was spent on cooking and eating and we knew the sort of life the participants were subjected to, but this time the viewers are left guessing on it. They have now interest in each and every aspect of participants’ way of life which is not certainly of 100 grams of edibles that are shown to viewers, but something more.
  3. Big Boss seems to have forgotten participants like Aditi, Samita and Kambli whose activities are shown less. If they perform well, they should find more coverage, if not they are misfits for the Big Boss’ house. Of course Samita has gone, but the rest of the lot need more recharging.
  4. The major part of the Claudia-Pravesh talks remain inaudible due to the perilously low voice Claudia talks in. While Pravesh talks to her mainly in English, Claudia in order not to be caught in camera perhaps speaks in English in low voice. However, whatever be the matter, viewers with knowledge of Hindi are certainly much more than viewers with English knowledge. So for every English talks, there should be Hindi subtitles or translations. Big Boss is not certainly the Big Brother of London.
  5. The viewers do not like to see a crying Bakhtiar whose murmurings and utterances do not appear to be genuine. So his “rondu mukhada (tearful face)” should not attract the attention of camera at all.
  6. Claudia with almost no knowledge of Hindi should be allowed to speak in English which should be shown in Hindi sub-titles. She should no longer remain a mute spectator. Others also should be allowed to talk with her in English with Hindi translations.
  7. After the Big Boss’ exposure, Rohit, a star performer alongside Bindu, has become defenseless. Big Boss should strengthen him by exposing Bakhtiar which will divert the issue altogether.
  8. Raju with his depleted stock of comical stuffs has become stereotyped and monotonous. His performances are only repetitions of his earlier performances. He is too serious now for the title to have any lighter moment for the viewers.

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