Big Boss – 3 (up to 16.11.09)

Big Boss bares them all and creates big drama which finds Rohit in a delirious mood muttering and murmuring and finally shouting at his own folly causing his self-alienation from the rest with tottering credibility and rootless unreliability. A few of the future episodes of Big Boss promise big drama and high TRP as high tension characterized by melodramatic  soliloquies and dramatic overtones are bound to strike a heavy dose of outbursts and arguments elevating the                      non-performers and semi-performers to some sort of chaotic and combative performers. Participants are going to spend sleepless and sleeveless nights with their blood vessels mounting and hearts palpitating.

Of all the performers, Poonam stands out as the coolest customer adding to her support-base among the participants. But this hardly adds to her performance which has never been outstanding as Big Boss is not all about winning the title but providing spectators with dramatic enthrallment.

Bindu as usual remains the star performer with his outspokenness and impressive performances. He remains the darling of spectators and best suited to win the title.

Rohit recharges the episodes with the required doses of conflict and confusion necessary for the forward movement of the serial, very often with uncalculated extravaganza dominating each and every episode with his skillfully devised plots often ending in a fiasco.

Bakhtiar has nothing else to give us except his unjustified tears with utterances of vengeance on those voting against the couple and alienating him to draw sympathy of spectators who are wise enough to understand that the the couple was never promised a stay-together and that performance counts which we find wanting in him altogether.

Aditi does not seem to have applied her mind well since the beginning of her sojourn and she is now in a horrible state with the declining strength of her admirers and friends.

For whatever reason may be, Claudia seems to be a misfit altogether for the show, relying more on Bindu’s support than her own performances.

Pravesh has performed well in his small stint at Big Boss neutralizing the Raju effect to the spectators’ delight as Raju’s pranks have become stereotyped and empty. But his togetherness with Claudia seems more dramatic than real!

On the whole, Big Boss should make the bench strength of participants half-empty and half-full to capture the rapture of spectators in the days to come.

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