Advertisers can no longer get away with exaggerated & false claims


All advertising contains some amount of false sense of superiority.  But , the fact of the matter is viewer does not have any testing parameters to find  the truth of the claim supposed to be . Access to fair information is consumer right. “Consumer is the King.”

As TNN adds , “ Ever wondered how particular malted milk hot drink could  supposedly make children ,       gulp down  mug or two  of it everyday, grow taller than their peers who drink their rival  brands * * * * * * this is the message some drink companies have decided to bombard consumers with via glitzy television ad campaigns.”

All fool and beverage ads (F&B) will come under the government of Bharat’s (India) scanner.  The  propose  code  will stop advertisers that make  tall false claims about the after effect of products on physical ability, nutrition health,etc.

In case of violation of code the food safety and standards Authority may take action against these companies.

  1. It can reveal the fact to consumers
  2. Investigation against the company can be ordered into
  3. If proved guilty, monetary penalty up to Rs10Lakh

As it is new phenomena in Bharat government is thinking of lighter version of  implementation . In America FTC carries out tough scrutiny for child food ads.

In a short, advertisers should now mean what to say. It is high time, they should be straight  and true to the consumers as consumers are supposed to be King.

Courtesy – TNN

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