a-squared Anti-Malware for free on Wednesday 11th November2009 (24 hours only)

ccleaner001 Emsisoft is based in Austria are releasing their top rated a-squared Anti-Malware program with a free one year license.If you are interested for a-squared Anti-Malware this will be a great news for you.a-squared Anti-Malware is a good choice to scan and remove malware, especially trojans, from your PC. It removes reliably the trojans containing backdoors, keyloggers, dialers and other destructive pests which make it dangerous to surf the web.This program combines a-squared Anti-Spyware and the Ikarus Anti-Virus engine .This programme does offer such protection as background guard, automatic updates and scheduled scans which a-squared Free does not provide.

 a-squared Anti-Malware is  a  security solution without a firewall.Mamutu is an integral part of a-squared Anti-Malware. The two programs are configured to recognize each other if a duplicate install is made .The updates are frequent enough.You also get surf protection.Background Guard includes the double protection using the OnExecution Scan, which scans programs right before they are started with the signature scanner, as well as the Malware-IDS  detects Malware using a behavior blocker which detects and blocks malicious actions of programs immediately. The automatic update of a-squared Anti-Malware installs the updates, which are usually available at least once a day, automatically.To know more about  a-squared Anti-Malware Feature Overview go here .

This offer is valid for 24 hours only commencing at 11:11 (CET-Central European Time)  on Wednesday 11th November, 2009. Just follow this link to obtain your license:                                             


Please note that a new user account is required to get the free license. Please don’t enter an AOL or Hotmail address. Often these email providers don’t deliver emails from the Emsi Software servers because of a wrong configured spam protection.

Credit: The Gizmo Freeware Team, More about the Malware-IDS

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