Taarak Mehta ka Ulta Chasma

Jetha;- funny , romantic and comical character.   monitor3

Daya;- innocent , foolish, lovable comical character , too much verbose at times.

Champak cha cha:-A self style Gandhian , a father figure in Gokul-Dham society.

Natu kaka:- Amuses with his buffoonery. Deserves more coverage.

Tapu:- Adds colour to  the Champak lala’s family as  ring leader.

Sundar:-  Possesses some comical sense.

Aiyar:- Speaks Hindi with South Indian ascent.

Bobbita jee:- Looks smiling even if  she doesn’t smile always. She is the darling of Jetha’s eyes.

Bhide:- Poses to be righteous  as a teacher ; but always goes back foot while facing Jetha.

Madhvi Bhabi:- More pleasing less comical.

Roshan and Roshan:- The couple perform all the same individually with less of variations.  they have comical acceptability. 

Dr.Hathi:-  He doesn’t have to perform comedy; his appearance itself  is comical.

Komal Bhabi:- Does nothing more than giving company to the characters. She thinks herself as a slim beauty  though she is roled two  persons into one.

Popot Lal:- Plays good supprting role as a comical character.

Abdul:- So so.

Tarak Mehta:- He doesn’t know acting but his comments towards the end of each episode synopsizes the plot. Deserves less coverage.

Anjali Tarak Mehta:- Nothing much to do except trying to become graceful.

Sonu, Goli, Gogi,etc.:- Members of Tapu Sena and nothing more.

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