Securing yours online-present on social networking sites

Today’s busy world where-time is vital but the sad part is time cannot be extended as per once wishes and whims. People get less time , in many such cases , they get no time at all for socialising or networking , which is the most vital aspect of human existence !

Necessity is the mother of all inventions. You guess right. So, people start virtual networking alternatively called Social networking. You can socialise yourself and the additional part of it and most vital aspect of it, you can have friends through out the world , all at your fingure tips. Ha Ha ! But do not be excited so much. There are negatives to it , which even can hurt you more.

We know the is the world of lawlessness and chaos. Anyone can steal yours identity , personal data. So, it is better to aware and be secure. In the online world should be anonymous.

Business networking, hobbies , blogs, chatting , interest groups shows many aspects of social networking. Set your profile carefully especially sites like Orkut, facebook, myspace,etc. Do not share yours a   

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