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Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) Smart Address bar shows much improvement over its predecessor IE 7 in terms of performance and control.

When you type a single character into the address bar,say “m”, you will now see only typed addresses, like means those blog starting with the letter “m”. Please consider screenshot 1 to experience it .

When you type two or more characters, you may see typed addresses first, followed shortly by the other results such as results from typed addresses and other local data (history and favorites by default). According to IEBlog “This is due to the fact that typed addresses are stored in the registry while history, favorites, and feeds are indexed using Windows Search. Accessing data from a small, fixed list of registry keys is quicker than querying a database such as Windows Search. ”

Turning Feeds off in the address bar by default makes it more streamlined experience.If you really like to see feeds in your address bar, you can quickly turn them back on. Just open Tools -> Internet Options -> Content tab -> AutoComplete settings.

Turning off one address bar section (ex: feeds) will increase the number of typed addresses from 5 to 12. If you decide you really just want typed addresses and turn off all the other sections, you will now see up to 25 typed addresses. Coupled with the change to turn feeds off by default, you will now see up to 12 typed addresses in the default case.

The TAB behavior function as it did in Internet Explorer 7 this means that pressing TAB allows users to cycle through each item in the address bar dropdown.

The new address bar is simply amazing , a simple Paste & Go context item like Opera & Maxthon have it is the need of the day .Shift+ENTER is  stupendous but TAB also doing exactly the same thing I mean the TAB+ENTER after highlighting the address bar.Now, we have 2 keys to do the same work !

Download Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) now!  ,System requirements:

Source: IEBlog ,pc mag , computerworld , pc world

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