How to install and use the Windows XP Recovery Console

This article was inspired from Bleeping ComputerHow to install and use the Windows XP Recovery Console“  in a sign of deep respect this article was been written.

Recovery Console:According to Bleeping Computer:"The Recovery Console is a special boot up method that can be used to help fix problems that are preventing your Windows installation from properly booting up into Windows. This method allows you to access the files, format drives, disable and enable services, and other tasks from a console prompt while the operating system is not loaded. It is suggested that the Recovery Console is to only be used only after Safe mode and the other standard startup options do not work. “

Recovery console could be useful in circumstances such as the system was infected with a malware and removing yours files through safe and standard mode was failed then Recovery Console is useful in such extraordinary circumstances you might face.

This tutorial was inspired from Bleeping ComputerHow to install and use the Windows XP Recovery Console”, when searched this article on Bleeping Computerrealized that it was an wonderful article and also wanted to share with ours readers.

First you had to familiar with the DOS or the command prompt environment and it you were not then please referred this article of Bleeping Computer on Introduction to the Windows Command Prompt.

Installed the Recovery Console to your hard drive:You could use Recovery Console through running the Windows Installation disc by inserting into yours CD/DVD drive.But it was better to install the Recovery Console in yours computer itself.It hardly took only 7 megabytes of yours hard disc space and also the option was always available with you as it was installed on yours computer,as you might not know when that inevitable would reach at yours doorstep ,compelled you to clean yours computer from malwares though of course ours discussed subject Recovery Console.Please follow these steps.

  1. Insert the Windows XP CD into your CD-ROM drive.
  2. Click the Start button.
  3. Click the Run menu option.
  4. In the Open:    type X:i386winnt32.exe /cmdcons  , where X is the drive letter for your CD reader, and press the OK button. ccleaner001
  5. After pressing the OK button a setup window will appear similar to the one below. ccleaner002
  6. press the Yes button to continue with the installation of the Recovery Console. ccleaner003
  7. The setup program will then attempt to do a Dynamic Update
  8. allow it to continue and then when it is finished , a dialogue box would appear press ok. ccleaner013
  9. remove the CD from your computer.
  10. After the restart, you will have the option as showed in the figure. ccleaner014

Figure 4 and Figure 5 credited to Bleeping Computer and this article inspired from How to install and use the Windows XP Recovery Console. Thanks visited here again and again and also wished safe and stable computing experience.

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