BIG BOSS – 3 – UPTO 23.10.09

ccleaner013 As per our expectations, a lot of melodramatic and interludes were experienced in the ’ house followed by fake and contrived differences of the highest boring magnitude by the married couple occupying the house.

Kamal’s ascending utterances were melodramatic while his hitting Rohit with a water-filled bottle was dramatic but unnecessary. Of course, I find Kamal ‘more sinned against than sinning’ in the sense that he was out and out instigated and infuriated by the participants, especially Raju and Rohit. It was Raju who first infuriated Kamal by coming into picture as a bolt from the blue and hitting Kamal’s cheeks with fingers during his exchange with Kamal. Rohit ignited Kamal by his sarcastic comments around the dining table. Kamal’s can be said to be a reaction rather than action as his outbursts were the effects only and not the cause. However, his action of physically assaulting Rohit can hardly be justified and he has been shown the way justifiably. But the Big Boss did Kamal, the participants and the viewing public the greatest disfavor by not eliminating him the day he was called for counseling. Secondly, If the rules are uniform at the house, Raju should not have continued after physically assaulting Kamal on the cheek. Rohit should have been reprimanded for adding insults to the injury, but lawlessness and anarchy got sway over comical bliss.

The couple in the house continues to bore the spectators who are but puppets in the hands of the Big Boss which is going to be a big bore. Besides, film reviews are unnecessary and my family seldom sees this as there are so many programmes in a number of options available in the cable net-work.

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