Big Boss – 3 – 19.X.09


Today being the day of nomination things moved in expected lines and nothing unusual happened except that Bindu moved closure to nomination with a thin improvement of a single ballot over Sherlyn.

It seems that all participants are afraid of Bindu and Kamal and it was but natural that both were voted five and nine votes against them respectively. While Sherlyn had done nothing to merit a longer sojourn at the Big Boss’ house and Kamal’s was a repetition of earlier delirium, Bindu had done nothing to deserve a nomination except the fear factor looming large over the minds of the participants.

If the Big Boss wants a woman power to overpower her male participants this time, well, this is not the way. The game should be played on an even playing field and the most deserving, powerful and entertaining lady should come out outstandingly as Mona in Is Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao to win the crown.

This time we find males more vocal than the female participants and female participants are more subdued relying on their bench strength only bothering less for the viewers. true, we do not have a Rakhi Samanta  or a Sambhabana Seth or a Kashmira Saha this time, but we have a few familiar achievers who still have nothing to offer.

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