Big Boss – 3 – 18.X.09

  • Kamal occupies centre stage. ccleaner013
  • Bindu is brilliant as usual.
  • Bindu predicts the shape of things to come and a likely one also.
  • Poonam’s worship and offerings to Lord are in good public taste, but her silence glorifies her less.
  • Claudia’s participatory actions are lovable.
  • Tanaj only breaks the silence, but she is far from impressive.
  • Bakhtiar does not know which way he is going. He has less originality and speaks only the language of others.
  • Raju seems to be running out of his comical stocks and continues to be more confused than fused. Of course, he describes an incident involving his daughter which all should know.
  • Samita and Sherlyn hardly open their mouths and continue to shy away from the audience.
  • Overall, the episode was boring and the viewers feel cheated in absence of any performance-oriented programme.

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