Better safe than sorry : 1


Integration is the buzz word when we talk about computer security. Risk  hovering upon you, when you are online. It is a world of Jungle, in the form of adwares, spywares , viruses, malwares Trojans, key-loggers, root kits , hackers, phissers to name of a few. So, we are vulnerable around the online world. So better safe than sorry.

  1. When accessing files from a cd or external device enable show extensions for known file types. For this go to Windows  Explorer > Tools> Folder options > view and uncheck “Hide extensions for known  file types”.
  2. Avoid downloading files from unsecure locations.
  3. Microsoft  regularly  releases security updates and patches  and patches for Microsoft Operating systems and other Microsoft appliances. Turn on Automatic Updates. For this go to Control Panel> System > Automatic Updates> choose Automatic (Recommended) .
  4. For older version of Microsoft office products (office 2003, office XP , office 2000) visit the office website for the latest updates. 
  5. To update and upgrade of yours knowledge on security go to subscribe to yours choice of yours security updates. Hot mail account is a must for this.
  6. Ensure discs are formatted with NTFS. It is more secure than FAT family of file systems . NTFS high performance can be seen on hard discs that are larger than 32GB in size
  7. Turn off simple file sharing . For this go to My Computer > Tools > Options > View > Advance settings > uncheck “ Use simple file sharing ( recommended)”

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