Monthly Archives: September 2009

Your 56k modem connects at 33.6k or less part : 1

  Some ISPs (Internet service Provider) put forth separate phone numbers for 56k. For example BSNL Net One gives one unique no. as the separate phone number through out Bharat. So, see that this type of separate phone number should be checked. Additional telephony devices (Landlines, Fax , Answering Machines) in a separate room , Continue Reading »

Better safe than sorry : 1

  Integration is the buzz word when we talk about computer security. Risk  hovering upon you, when you are online. It is a world of Jungle, in the form of adwares, spywares , viruses, malwares Trojans, key-loggers, root kits , hackers, phissers to name of a few. So, we are vulnerable around the online world. Continue Reading »