Windows XP is still supported by Microsoft through April 8, 2014


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A Of late Microsoft terminated  "Mainstream Support" on April 14, 2009 of Windows XP. But continuance of "Extended Support" of Windows XP Home, Media Center and Professional Editions through with April 8, 2014. Microsoft ceased Windows XP’s Direct OEM and Retail License availableness on June 30, 2008 . System Builder License Availableness terminated on January 31, 2009.

Microsoft Support Lifecycle :

Mainstream Support provides both consumers and enterprise customers with a full offering of support including complimentary support, design change requests, security updates and other kinds of updates for the product.

Extended Support does alter the range of support a bit, but for the vast majority of customers the essential core remains the same. For example, customers will continue to receive free security updates and can call in for paid support until the second Tuesday in April of 2014.

Having a vast majority of users even so using Windows XP this is boon for them as security updates is must for yours windows operating system as we continually living in a world of wilderness where ours system can be vulnerable always and this must be a life saver and even money saver also. You will receive free security updates until April 8, 2014.


Windows XP Supported until 2014

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Until 2014

Windows Life-Cycle Policy

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