Logical scan fragmentation


The wisest can be a comparative term where the scope of thinking is not similar with persons as well as the presence of understandings in terms of life and its related clauses at time bigger for some and at some other time little bit closer to it but this cannot be levelled at the similar propositions for everyone considering the aspects of thinking about all at single momentary presence.

When we read mathematics and some brilliantly solve different mechanisms of it within seconds means that there thinking parameters in term of logical reasoning is making it set to believe that the process of solving any of such equations or momentary benefits to reach the absolute conclusion, as the process of thinking each and every conclusive limit goes beyond the standard operating system of thinking something and entire process moves with the progress of reasoning and this means the part of mind involved with it.

Most of the times the scope of these thinking moves beyond the recognised area and all remains at the stage of absolute virtual indeed. Most of the times while solving difficult mathematics most of these probably solutions limits itself thinking about multi-tasking of thoughts all at the same time and connect the thinking nods into one single simultaneous equation and then only you can think of it solving it or at least moving towards the perfection of the completely solved equation.

So, how come such difficult management of taking and managing everything comes upfront and that all solve through thinking and all of these all at once without a doubt the signs of brilliant mind coming up with thinking comes from different sides without any delayings. All of these simultaneous thoughts come all at once and should be equally powerful enough to absolve all of these and reach the conclusion.

These minds can be categorised into some of the most brilliant and undeterred minds and most of times whiles thinking of these finds are in action most of the normal persons find this most difficult to grasp all of these. Most of the normal minds most of the times find this utmost annoying to understand how all of these are made of and how all of these going to justify all of these similar circumstances.

Most of the times while walking on roads the vehicle utmost going with some distance comes to the mind to believe that it is almost nearer to you and for this you have to move at some distance in order to make the space for the vehicle but in reality the vehicle is moving from you within a comfortable distance.

Why this is happening as one side when we think is it because of faulty eye sight but the visibility aspect is there and it is clearly visible the movement of vehicle and for this when we think of another possibility that most of this phenomenon runnig with different dyamics must come to the single moment of thinking it alike then we should also think in the similar manner when most of this percpetion of shifting come forward and show cause the reality in truth this is true for some and for some it might have been on the wrong side.

Now, we come to the situation where it seems to one that vehicle is nearer to the person but in actual it hs some difference of distance in deed and in order to analyse these perception others would not find it wrong or correct as the person just move to the side and the vehicle moves as usual without hurting the person in road.

So, this all simultaneously proportional to the person who is facing or seeing the vehicle as if coming towards his path. It is somewhat most amazing to see that all of these thought processes moves with that person and the most of persons who are in and around that road would not be able to understand it properly.

So how could we say that the particular person is thinking differently? As what we think of particular situation might be correct or might not be and how could judge other persons when we are not at the similar situation as the person perceived to be in?

This is the answer. Brain or mind is a very difficult limb of humans and the way it works on some is entirely different the way it works on the other. We also know that many scientists have thought differently the way we do think about the object and that is why they been able to discover the hidden gems of the universe. That is why they are different or we are different in the eyes of their so the argument continues.

The vehicle movement seemingly perceptively nearer and perhaps their mind calculated the estimated distance in speed and velocity and perhaps they think moments advance when there are indeed changes of vehicles touching him if the person stays at the same location and vehicle moves with similar directions. The difference of thought parameters is that the way we think of it we think at some other point of movement or perhaps the speed of movement of ours is faster than the same person as we think that with our current speed we must for sure move to the safe side against the speeding vehicle.

One conclusion might come up that the person is calculating own movement in relation to the speeding vehicle. In these circumstances of permutations and combinations, we do find that here the constant element of similar thought perception is that of the speeding vehicle as we all think of its speed and then calculated its relational speed approach towards us. There is always the caveat.

We can’t negate between thinking about whether these approaches are correct or not as the person might have been thinking fast and without conscious knowledge might have been thinking had of us and the speed of thinking might have been right considering the person knows the speed of movement of self and while considering in relation with it might have been way ahead all of us indeed.

How can we negate these thought processes as in relation with mind and speed of person we all know what is better the self-knows it better. That is why even thought process of relativity of movement of speeding vehicle into that of the walking space of the person varies with person to person and the situational thinking of it also performs comes about greater changes and that is why examining of how the brain comes about and how it works has always been so much of difficult as at certain stages the logic seems to fragmented with different variants of logical presentations.

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