MJ is Dead – Long Live MJ


A living legend in his life-time, Michael Jackson will continue to be so in the history of music and dance. He held the world spell-bound during his life-time and the world and all the fans of  Michael Jackson especially the New Yorkers  were shocked that MJ was no more.

MJ lived for his fans and died for them. He was performing strenuous rehearsals for a number of shows to be performed of late. So he died for the cause he was living for. 

roses_light Born in Gary, Indiana on 29th August 1958, MJ was the seventh of nine children.

MJ  first performed  at a talent show  with his five brothers when was only six. The team of brothers secured the first prize . And the musical of MJ went on and on culminating in perhaps the greatest musician to adore the earth.

MJ made his first solo album in 1972 .  Released in 1982, his album "Thriller" became a smash hit with sell of twenty million copies in the United States of America and approx 27 million worldwide.

The next year, he produced his album "moonwalk" dance move while performing "Billie Jean" during an NBC special.

MJ was known as the "King of Pop," for hits  which included "Thriller" , "Billie Jean," "‘Black Or White " , "‘Heal The World", etc.
He was stardom personified for his music and dance and he was an incomparable performer.

His music videos and his lifetime record sold  around 750 million. 
MJ won 13 Grammy Awards . His singing and dancing defied all language, culture caste or religion and his death gave tears in everyone`s eye the world over who are still in a sense of shock.

MJ died at the pinnacle of his glory living his imprint on the minds of billions and billions of his admirers and beyond.
MJ`s death created a hiatus in the music industry hard to be filled in an unforeseen future. 

The world does not believe that MJ is dead, but it is a fact not a fiction; a reality, not a figment of imagination.
MJ is dead; long live MJ.

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