Microsoft’s New Search engine Bing

Microsoft’s new search engine Bing launched two days ahead of schedule.Perhaps it must be planned earlier, Go here to   reach at Bing.

As the interface of Bing suggests it is  like minimal interface like that with of Google,and almost look alike of Google if it to be seen in an scholastic point of view.

Search results are good though not comparable with Google now as it seems miles to go for it ,seems a better attempt from Microsoft this time also perhaps not  sure enough as it seems blogging search not available or in primary touch as it is in beta also ,if it is wrong then please correct in the comment section.


listing of related searches in a column in the left of search results is a welcome steps as when a search term introduced in Bing on the “Add-on for Windows Media Player” the left side bar information bar gives some added input though Google gave us some good and bad search results on this subject or may be due to Microsoft ‘s own product ,Bing searches intellectually and the button line is that majority use Microsoft Operating Systems.

As techsupportalert (Gizmo)says: "

“It’s interesting to contrast Bing with WolframAlpha the other recent entry into the search engine stakes. Wolfram is new, innovative and outperforms Google in many of the search categories it has targeted. Bing is simply imitative; a retake on what already exists. Worse still, it is not even as good as what already exists.”

when you hover mouse over the right end of each search result, additional information instantly pops up,  25 lines of information. Gives additional  information before browsing the site concerned so on the other hand you decide upon which site to browse or not by seeing through slice preview of the sites.

So,let us wait and see and the bottom line is that like the earlier years of Browsers wars which led to Microsoft renovating and reaching to its current level of Internet Explorer 8 which has been a stiff vertical improvement and also Google launched its browser version of Chrome so it is now Google’s turn to tide the down to look for any loopholes that may exist in its search form otherwise WolframAlpha would not have been succeed somewhat it may be, so it may be one wake up time for Google to renovate its search algorithm and never let the number two or three to grab its post of number Uno.

Ultimately, it is the winning moments for surfers,bloggers,webmasters ,researchers and academicians as  with the advancement of Bing , WolframAlpha they will be ultimately search and find what they are looking for and what requires most only in the first search results. I am optimistic,let us come what may be, we will be winner ultimately.

See also techsupportalert (Gizmo) here for more review.

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