Impregnable Webmail seemingly hacked after issuing $10K challenge


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beta news:

"After putting forth a $10,000 come-and-get-us challenge, it’s possible that Strong Webmail CEO Darren Berkovitz is rethinking his stance on that. The company, which makes voice-based authentication software, dared hackers to break into Mr.. Berkovitz’s Web-mail account and report back details from an upcoming date on his calendar. A week later, a team of high-profile security researchers contacted a reporter with precisely that information."

At Donation Coders forum:
Josh writes:  "A lot of people will criticize sites like this for claiming to be unhackable, however, in the end I feel this is very beneficial for many sites as it draws attention to the site and any possible vulnerabilities. It is also, I would imagine, cheaper than hiring an external company to test and instead rely on people who would do this type of thing for fun"

40hz writes: "Let’s see…the challenge went out on May 21st and the site was successfully hacked by June 4th so that’s about…two weeks total?

Good thing they were only offering $10K. If they offered $100K they would have probably been hacked in less than a week."stop_sign_w_highlights

Sources: beta news:  , At Donation Coders forum:

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