36-image express

36-image express Developed and Published by UIC Phoenx software is an application based on 36-image converter with the goal to quickly open and convert over 30 image file types to BMP, DIB, Jpeg (native), Jpeg (advanced), JP2, GIF, PNG, JNG, ICO, CUR,PCX, WMF, EMF, PII and RAWPII. The focus is placed on low resource usage, quality and visual aspects. Contact information: Download from here.



1.In comparison to Ifan view , its JPEG CONVERSION is good and it converts the file and makes it smaller than its competitor but this case is reverse for PNG CONVERSION, see the table .
2.But in case of Ifan view one beautiful plug in Radical Image Optimization Tool plug in is available which reduces the picture size and also drastically optimized for web and these pictures meant for web means the picture  size to be reduced drastically without sacrificing the quality of the picture, this not available in the 36-IMAGE EXPRESS.

3.In 36-IMAGE EXPRESS two quality of JPEG conversion available one is for convert to normal JPEG and the other is convert to advance JPEG which says of better quality reproduction and also in test it is been seen that both conversion takes about same size of the file in output at least so it is a good add-on.

4.Convert to windows icons also available ,it is also available to Ifan view but one thing while converting to icons especially the passport size of this blog picture say , which is at the start of the page one thing I have noticed Ifan view does it well behaved way and also icon shows clearly the name “freewarespace” but in case of 36-IMAGE EXPRESS have seen after converting icon only color of the logo "freewarespace " only seen the writing freewarespace not seen at all then tested on some other pictures and almost all cases the icon made from it from only the color of the picture ,so this essential  bug to be fixed as if that picture not visible in the icon then it is a matter of waste to make an icon as 36-IMAGE EXPRESS only catches most of the times at least when tested here only the surrounding pre occupied color visible.

5.Interface of 36-IMAGE EXPRESS astounding,amazing,dumbfounding though it can be further improved and also the author tries to make it more user friendly and smooth and also only four icons available and at the first instance it will show one jelly fish type or vibrating star type icon and after click of a mouse you will be seeing three more icons OPEN AN IMAGE ICON CLICK TO GO TO THE LOCATION OF THE IMAGE MEANT TO BE CONVERTED TO DIFFERENT FORMAT, after opening the picture then click on the  third icon open the conversion menu and it will show of in icons to convert to different format then click yours choice of format and then done and the last icon is display help and info, when you hover over the mouse over icons on the below of the program the attribute of the icon tips is shown ,so the author tries to make it more user friendly and of course do not forget it is still in beta.

6.One special provision to be made for optimized for web as there are numerous bloggers ,webmasters and also podcasters and they desperately needs to prune the size of the pictures as it will save the bandwidth as well as also yours blog to be optimized for slow connections as ,if pictures size is reduced then it will load faster so this drastically reduce the picture size without sacrificing the picture quality is a must for a image conversion software.

7. the back ground of the programme is black and there should be provision for changing of different color themes so that it can be users defined color.

8.It takes only 5336kb of memory when running , on desktop maximized and when minimized takes only 3892 kb and during the conversion of images it takes 16068 kb but after it reduces the usage of Ram drastically. on the contrary Ifan view takes 9076 kb, the memory assuage may not be a big issue for some users and may be for some who are using lesser Ram but the reality is that these software’s convert the images so fast so main usage not lasted for long.

9.The focus is placed on low resource usage, quality and visual aspects.

10.It is a beta programme and still in its development it is in labs so use it at yours own risk and do back up system before installing and using it.


IFAN VIEW  4.20  (JPEG-800X600-27.8KB) (324KB-PNG-800X600) (106KB -JPEG800X600) PNG CONVERSION SMALLEST
36-image express (JPEG-800X600-27.8KB)

( 405-PNG-800X600)

Paint Dot Net 3.36 (JPEG-800X600-27.8KB)

(437 kb-PNG-800X600 )



System Requirements :
Minimum :
Intel CPU with 1,4Ghz or higher (or comparable AMD CPU)
256Mb of memory
64Mb of video memory
Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista with DirectX 8.0

Recommended :
Intel CPU with 2Ghz
1024Mb of memory
128Mb of video memory
with DirectX 9.0

Input File types :
bmp, jpeg, jpg, gif, png, tif, ico, psd, cut, pic, cel, pbm, pgm, ppm, pdd, bw, rgb, rgba,

sgi, rla,
rpf, pcc, pcx, icb, eps, fax, tga, tiff, dib, rle, emf, wmf, psp, pcd, tif, icb, jfif, pii, rawpii

Output File types :
BMP, DIB, Jpeg (native), Jpeg (advanced), JP2, GIF, PNG, JNG, ICO, CUR,

Download from here 

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