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    Only 3% of people recycle their mobile phones despite the fact that on average most have several old devices lying around at home they no longer want. 74% of people have no idea about recycled mobile phones. 50% of people are unaware that it is possible to recycle mobile phones. The world scenario […]

Bytescout Post2Blog

  Post2Blog is a FREEWARE desktop blogging client for your WordPress, Type Pad, Live Journal, Movable Type, Blogger (and other) blogs with live spellchecking and image uploading support (Image Shack, Flicker, FTP, blog engine)To install the program, run setup program then follow the instructions of the installation program.Freeware version of Post2Blog is freely distributable.It is […]

Impregnable Webmail seemingly hacked after issuing $10K challenge

  From beta news: "After putting forth a $10,000 come-and-get-us challenge, it’s possible that Strong Webmail CEO Darren Berkovitz is rethinking his stance on that. The company, which makes voice-based authentication software, dared hackers to break into Mr.. Berkovitz’s Web-mail account and report back details from an upcoming date on his calendar. A week later, […]

A visual representation of something:

  Governance is the artistic creation of effort action through with. A posture is a scurrying and possibly effectual know-how of deed thing done finished  additional grouping. In managing whatever create mentally, introductions area unit used as a literary know-how for  reside put together to system, reminder and retrieve its change of location. The concentrated  […]

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