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AIDA64 replaces Everest

Everest Ultimate Edition once ruled for hardware testing and finest performances was stopped. Now, AIDA 64 replaces it. Owner of AIDA 64 is FinalWire. During times of Windows XP and Vista, Everest Ultimate Editions performs efficient diagnosis of personal computer in detecting and troubleshooting personal computer performances issues.

It had a nice stability metrics which is in comparison with what personal computer should have in case in idle circumstances. It scans for hardware problems and provide intuitive intuitions about how a computer runs and what were the detected problems. it scans again for device drivers and provide solutions and provide which drivers to update.

In its ultimate edition it provides links to driver download. In those times, finding right website to download driver is a difficult task. As Microsoft had not formalised and create the uniform driver download segment as it is now with Windows 8 and above operating system. The information and the link provides one of most cooling effect for users to download these drivers and install and update personal computers.

It compares your personal computer with other similar computer in idle circumstances and then provide valuable information whether your personal computer is at risk or is at the state of power outrage or overheating. This way, users noticed such situations and use these situations to leverage to recover personal computer.

Everest Ultimate Edition 4-6

It empowers the normal personal computer user with some easy-to read good information to understand what has really gone wrong on their computer. Its scan provides hardware that your computer owns, and the software installed on your computer. During those times softwares and like the apps of Windows 10 and so on. It monitors hardware and system temperature and performs modern system diagnostic in order to provide most valuable information.

It performs under the hood hardware monitoring tests in order to provide real time system stress and provide solutions to make it fully functional. It performs benchmarks tests for its system and its benchmarks are updated with completely system managed way to understand how processors, drivers and hardwares are performing.

On October 6 2010 FinalWire stops Everest Ultimate Edition after acquisition and then introduced the first version of AIDA 64 as the next successor of Everest Ultimate Edition.

Oriya to English Names of Fruits Pulses

Odia (Oriya) is a classical Indo-Aryan language. it spoke by 4.2% of people of Eastern India. It is mostly spoken in the Odisha State of India. Almost 75& people of the eastern state of Odisha speaks this language.

Odia to English names of Pulses Cereals Spices Grains:

  • Odia is the second official language of Jharkhand state of India.
  • In the Chhattisgarh state of India, more than 1 million people speak Odia language.
  • Odia language has its own indigenous history.
Cereals & PulsesRedgram dhalHarad Dali
Cereals & PulsesSplit Bengal Gram/ Chana Dal/ Bengalgram – wholeButa Dali
Cereals & Pulsesblack gram dal skinlessBiri Dali
Cereals & PulsesSplit Red LentilMasoor Dali
Cereals & PulsesMoong Dal/ Greengram – WholeMuga Dali/ ମୁଗ ଡାଲି
Cereals & PulsesPoppy SeedsPosta
Cereals & PulsesCoriander seedsDhania
Cereals & PulsesMustard seedsSorisa
Cereals & PulsesCumin seedsJeera
Cereals & PulsesGround NutsChinaa Baadam
Cereals & PulsesTurmeric PowderHaladi Gunda/ ହଳଦୀ
Cereals & PulsesSagoSagudana
Cereals & PulsesPearl MilletBajara
Cereals & PulsesCornMaka/ ମକା
Cereals & PulsesSaltLunna/ ଲୁଣ
Spices & Dry FruitsAsafoetidaHengu
Spices & Dry FruitsBay LeafTejapatra
Spices & Dry FruitsBlack PeperGolmaricha
Spices & Dry FruitsCardamomAleicha
Spices & Dry FruitsCinamomDalchini
Spices & Dry FruitsClovesLabanga/ ଲବଂଗ
Spices & Dry FruitsFennelPan Mahuri/Pan Madhuri
Spices & Dry FruitsGinger, fresh:Ada/ ଅଦା
Spices & Dry FruitsRed ChiliesShukhila Lanka
Spices & Dry FruitsTamarindTentuli/ ତେନ୍ତୁଳି
Spices & Dry FruitsCashewnutsKajubadam
Spices & Dry FruitsRaisinsKismis
Spices & Dry FruitsPistachioPista/ ପିସ୍ତାଫଳ
FloursGram flourBesana
FloursWheat flour, wholeAtta
FloursCorn FlourMakaa Chunaa / Makaa Gunda
FloursRice FlourChaulla Chuna
GrainsRice rawChaulla/ ଚାଉଳ
FloursSemolinaSuji/ ସୂଜୀ”
FoodVermicelliSimia/Simei/ ସିମେଇ
Food  JaggeryGuda
Food  CoconutNadia/ ନଡ଼ିଆ
Cereals & Pulses Finger MilletMandia
Grains  Rice, parboiledUsuna chaula
FoodRice flakesChuda
FoodRice, puffedMudhi
GrainsWheatGahama / ଗହମ
GrainsWheat flour, refinedMaida
Cereals & PulsesBengal gram – roastedBhajabuta
Cereals & PulsesHorsegramKolatha
Cereals & PulsesLentilMasura/ ମସୁର
Cereals & PulsesPeasMatara
Spices & Dry FruitsFenugreek seedsMethi
Spices & Dry FruitsNutmegJaiphal/ ଜାଇଫଳ