Wise Disk Cleaner 4-Review

Wise Disk Cleaner Introduction

Wise Disk Cleaner is a free disk utility designed to help keep your disk clean by deleting any unnecessary files. Usually, these unnecessary or junk files appear as a result of a program’s incomplete uninstall, Temporary Internet Files, etc. It is best if these files are deleted from time to time since they may, at some point, use a considerable amount of space on your hard drives. Wise Disk Cleaner, with its intuitive and easy to use interface, helps you quickly wipe out all of the junk files.

You may manually select folders to be cleaned, you may erase files with certain extensions, exclude folders from the scan, etc. When deleting files, you may choose to erase them forever, or, in case you are uncertain about them, you may simply delete them to Recycle Bin. Using the program is very easy. It also works quickly both scanning for and deleting files.

Wise Disk Cleaner scans for junk files and deletes these junk files in your Windows system. Your system will run faster and more efficiently.Wise Disk Cleaner can scan more than 50 types of junk files, and you can freely add any type of junk file you want. After Wise Disk Cleaner analyzes your system for junk files, you can view each of the junk files found individually and display a detailed file description. If you wish, you may also clean all junk files automatically.


Wise Disk Cleaner 4
File size: 1.3 MB
Operating System: Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003/XP x64/
Vista/Vista x64/2008 Server
Website: http://www.wisecleaner.com
FAQ :http://www.wisecleaner.com/faq.html


1.Not so impressive product
2.It is a freeware
3.On start up it tries to connect to internet to check for updates and you can disable this phenomena through tools>Options> and un tick check new version automatically.
4.Options for automatic mode also available int he free version.
5.it seems this tool more inclined towards experienced users as it has lots of pre configured options and also chance for more manual configuration and this proves it will be difficult for normal users.
6.Schedule task option available.
7.Pop-up tool tips available for extra tweaking of the programme.
8.generally you should untick windows update uninstall files and you can go to this through the path Options>General>Remove windows update uninstall files when I click delete.
8.The programme comes with three styles, charm,cool black and vista.
9.There is a catch ,if you upgrade to pro version then you can access the disc scrubber option but don’t be sad as you have the opportunity for other good scrubber specific utilities which have been written for you.
10.Wizard configuration option also available but not so impressive for normal users and this should be improved and much more easier access for normal users as type of files to be removed itself requires professionals and also recommended options not so impressive as from the recommendation windows update un installer file removal should be removed.
11.Log creation is there and it is available for free users is a good symptoms for yours use of this software.
12. As per all wise cleaner products It’s Fast: Using a high performance engine, Wise Disk Cleaner quickly scans your disk to find junk files.
13.During the installation uncheck the ask toolbar installation , also uncheck the email news letter option,

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