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Twitter usage augmented by almost 800 percentages as compared with 2008

Firefox mobile version codenamed as "Fenec"

"Man in the Dark" is the first 3D movie from Hollywood .

(HDCP) is the acronym for High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection.

(HDMI) is the acronym for High-Definition Multimedia Interface.

(MPEG-2) is the acronym for Motions Pictures Expert Group 2

(DVB-T) is the acronym for Digital Video Broadcasts-Terrestrial.

(DD) is the acronym for Doordarshan.

The new Flash Lite runtime released by Adobe meant for mobiles displaying flash.

The Sony Bravia Z450A is the first LCD TV which contains Motion flow 200Hz technology.

(Wi-Max) earlier known as WMAN

(WMAN) is the acronym for wireless Metropolitan Area Network.

India is one of the fastest growing mobile telephone market in the world.

Asia’s third largest economy.

India has five percentages internet penetration.

India’s mobile market stands at 35o million users now.

Recession: Doom or opportunity.

Browser’s Acid test are available at

Anyone can run the Acid3 test by visiting  here

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