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1 These days the mistaken deletion of files is by far the most common cause for data loss. Making mistakes is human and often quite unavoidable. In the event that the unthinkable occurs, advice can be very expensive. Windows tries to avoid this problem with the Recycle Bin function – a sort of "Clipboard" for deleted files. When the Recycle Bin is emptied these files disappear leaving the user with the assumption that these files are now forever lost. But what happens when the Recycle Bin is emptied and with it a few precious files were deleted? Is there still hope to recover those deleted files and/or folders

O&O UnErase 2 Explorer-like file structure navigate through your deleted files just as if they had never been deleted. With one click of the mouse you can single files or entire folders.With the detailed search function you are able to tailor your search to a specific set of parameters that can increase the speed and precision of your results.

Version-2 new features:
Support of FAT, FAT32, NTFS and NTFS5 file systems

Restoration of files and folders;
– Supports all windows file system ( aside Vista ) on all hard drives, removable media, floppy drives, memory cards …
– Advanced options for precision searches for deleted files;
– Simple and intuitive user interface;
– intelligent search Algorithm to maximise the chances of a successful restoration.
Display and highlighting of deleted files alongside existing files
Advances search feature for more precise searches for deleted files
Restoration of files and folders

System Requirements :

O&O UnErase V2.0 is compatible with the following: Windows XP (all versions) Windows 2003 Server (all versions)
Windows 2000 (all versions)
Windows NT 4 (all versions with at least Service Pack 6 and Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 5.01 and above installed)  Starting O&O Unerase without installing it
O&O InstantUnErase

If you would like to restore deleted files, it is imperative that you do not write any more data to disk. This is because only those files, whose data have not already been overwritten by other data, can be restored. For this reason it is very important that O&O UnErase be already installed before a crisis occurs. The installation of the software after a data loss occurs could lead to the overwriting of die data you are trying to restore.

However, if a crisis occurs and O&O UnErase is not yet installed, there is another option. With the feature O&O InstantUnErase you have the possibility of running O&O UnErase without installation by creating a O&O InstantUnErase emergency disk on a parallel system.

How to get O&O UnErase 2 for :

Go to this registration page here 

Fill all the necessary fields  and also give live email id
Go to your inbox and browse to the message from from oo-software
with this email is the registration information
necessary to unlock the full version of O&O UnErase 2 Free
Download the software
Install and then you will need the following registration information to unlock
the registered versions of our software. To do so, simply
start the program and follow the instructions of the
Registration Assistant.
Then put all the license serial number code delivered to you by  [email protected] in yours inbox.
IMPORTANT: When entering the registration information, please do
not enter the quotation marks around name, company, and
serial number. Once again, be sure to enter the registration
information exactly as it appears in this confirmation e-mail.

If you receive an error message while entering in your serial
number, please double-check the accuracy of your serial
number, name, and the company name.

It is necessary that this information entered EXACTLY matches
the information provided in this e-mail. One easy way to
ensure this accuracy is through the use of the "Copy / Paste"

Technical Support

To receive more information about O&O UnErase, please visit  website, , and get the latest information about product developments and support. Also included in website are regularly updated FAQs and Knowledge Bases that offer the most common problems and questions regarding  products.

O&O Software GmbH


this version is not Vista compatible , the latest version is  version 4   is ( worth $ 29.90 ) IS Vista compatible.
new key feature: InstantUnErase for Data Recovery without any pre-installed software. is very good.
But I find the free  Pandora recovery been more versatile and more strong true recovering of files. I have written a review earlier  just check herein case you have missed it.
Quick search option is available.
While opening the programme splash up is visible you can disable by going to view and untick show splash up.

Source: Raymondcc Forum , For-Free-Internet

Disclaimer:  This post is for informational purposes only,I searched a tip that told me about this service, I am sharing the same with my readers without the intention to deprive any services.

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