Railway Reservation Counter:
1. At Railway Station
2. At Grand Road, Puri
1. SBI has branches as Badasankha, Temple Road Evening Branch opposite Lord Jagannatha Temple, Station Bazar, Main Branch at Charya Harihara Square, Puri.
2. Canara Bank, Punjab National Bank have branches at Hospital Square.
3. Central Bank Of India has its branch at Srikrushna Cinema Lane, Bada Danda, Puri
4. UCO. Bank branch is at Grand Road, Puri
5. Axis Bank and ICICI Bank branches are situated at Balagandi, Puri
6. Besides, almost all national and regional banks have their branches at Puri
SBI has ATMs at Puri Railway Station, at Main Branch, at Raja Nahar, at Hospital Square, at Gundicha Temple, etc.
Other nationalized and private banks have their ATMs at convenient locations. Some of these banks are:- Punjab National Bank, AXIS Bank, ICICI Bank, Canara Bank.
Post Offices:
The Head Post Office is at Mochi Sahi, Kachery Road, Puri
Sub-Post Offices exist in almost all localities.
Puri Head Quarters Hospital, Badasankha, Puri.
Infectious Disease Hospital, Red Cross Road, Puri.
Municipality Hospital, Dola Bedi Corner, Puri.
The Temple Of Lord Jagannath
One should slowly move about and see thousands of gods and religious places inside the Temple.
The temple has four gates:- eastern, western, southern and northern gates for entry and exit purposes.
Places of interest at Puri
Puri being a place of deep religious importance is filled with places of worship and religious attainment far and wide. Some places of tourists’ interest are:
Narendra Sarovar
Indra Dyumn Sarovar
Markandeya Sarovar
Sweta Ganga Sarovar
Kashi Viswanath
Jagannath Ballav
Chakra Tirth
Shyama Kali
Swarga Dwar
Dakhina Kali
Bana Durga
Kapal Mochan
Bata Mangala
Athara Nala
Koili Baikuntha
Ananda Bazaar
Deba Snana Mandapa
Aruna Stambha
Hara Chandi
Alar Nath
Sevayats of Lord Jagannath
The story of the City of Puri will be incomplete without a paragraph on the Sevayats of Lord Jagannath who are the earliest inhabitants of the place. They are Adi Aryas (ARYANS) migrated to the City after the Completion of the Great Temple to carry on the services of the Lord.
After the temple was complete in all respects, search was on to find out the best Brahmin Pundits from all over India and from Hindu Lands. Now we find about 30000 of them in service of the Lord and they are called Puri Brahmins or Utkali Brahmins and respected by Hindus all over the world as their religious Gurus.
The Sevayats have been regrouped as thirtysix types depending upon the type of worships they perform. The most prominent among them are seven categories of Puri Brahmins which include Mekap, Pratihari, Khuntia, Pujapanda, Mudirastha, Taluchha and Bhitarachha perhaps in that order. All the seven categories are rich people and have the lion`s share of duties of the Sevayats.
Infrastructure & communication
Puri is well communicated with Bhubaneswar, the capital of Orissa situated at a distance of 81 kilo meters only.
The road condition of Puri is one of the best in India and national highway extends up to the heart of the City.
Every 10 minutes there is a bus to Bhubaneswar from 4.30 am to 9.30 pm.
Train services are available from 4.30 am to 11.30 pm and broad gauge electric train services are available to almost all the state capitals of the country.
Intercity communication facilities include auto-rickshaw, three wheeler cycle rickshaw and town bus system at a very cheap rate.
Tourist luxury and semi-luxury bus services are available to nearby tourism destinations of Chilika Lake, Konark Temple, etc. from the sea beach.
What to eat
Puri is a cosmopolitan City and foods of all tastes and of all places of the country and of a few foreign countries of the world is available here.
Food is very cheap and food stalls and shops are rampant here.
Milk, cheese, curd, butter and other milk products are abundantly available here.
Cinema Halls
Laxmi Talkies, Sri Krishna Talkies and Janata Cinema have some standard while a couple of sub-standard cinema halls are there.
Theatre Hall
Annapurna Theatre at Grand Road is the oldest of its kind in the state and dramas are often staged there.
Pint sized malls of the likes of Bazaar Kolkata, Vishal Garments and a few more standard rate shops exist here.
Ladies items shops and shops of tourists interest are many where a visitor bargains for the best, competitive rate.

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