POKATreaderEXECUTIVE normally sells for US$57…You get it for FREE!. It is a innovative PDF reader, document manager and printer.

According to the publisher POKATreaderEXECUTIVE

"The perfect presentation and document management tool. Read PDF files as "Flip-Style"publications by one click of a button… as simple as that.
Document Management – No matter where your PDFs are sitting on your computer, automatically adds your files its Library. Instantly access your pdf files.
Is great for:  newsletters, books reports documents magazines, catalogues product guides business, plans annual reports periodicals, journals legal works… AND SO MUCH MORE
" 1

POKATreaderEXECUTIVE is developed using the JAVA development platform and is required to either be installed or updated.During installation it will search for java installation and it is a must have conditionality for this reader to be installed.

How to collect Activation Key For Your FREE copy of POKATreaderEXECUTIVE

1.go here here
write your email,first name and last name and then click register to receive yours activation key,

2.check you inbox from POKAT.and then Click on the confirmation link.

3.you will be at that page again and write yours email again the same you provided earlier and click confirm.

4. then check your inbox again or click F5 to refresh yours email and open the mail from POKAT and Get your license key and the download link from the second message.

5.Download from the link they have provided and run the installer and You MUST be online to activate POKATreaderEXECUTIVE Do not share this Key with anyone as it can only be used once. 2

Source:  for-free-on-internet


1. the flip style reading – it’s part of the freeware version also.
2.launching the programme takes time and if you have activated DEP for all programmes then it will take more time.
3.Library backup,simply annoying it keeps every file in its library which you have opened or used.

Disclaimer: This post is for informational purposes only,I searched a tip that told me about this service, I am sharing the same with my readers without the intention to deprive any services.


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