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Yasni is the world’s most popular people search engine with more than 10 million visitors worldwide each month. More and more people turn to Yasni to find information about old friends. It is a search engine for people,name yours old friend in the search box and click search and it will bring the in formations about  yours friends,his activities in social networking or email ids,it is a great tool. Even if you have lot yours old email id username then also you can find by simply write yours name and it will bring those lost address back.

You can search for all person profiles,his reputation,internet image,all names,people search,all first names,names search.  You can use it without registering the site,if you register then it  you can use some of more functionalities,as far as impression goes registering is completely free .It is a must try utility,give it a try!

website for all person profiles search :
website for first names search:
website for all names search:
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Disclaimer: This post is for informational purposes only,I searched a tip that told me about this service, I am sharing the same with my readers without the intention to deprive any services.

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