Microsoft Releases Vista SP2

Microsoft has officially released Vista Service Pack 2 . It can be downloaded and installed. Also alongside released the SP2 for Windows Server 2008. In the both cases SP1 must for precondition of installation on system before installing these updates.

Download from here

You can find the full change list here

See the review of

"I downloaded and ran the 348MB exe rather than the much larger ISO.
My first attempt at installation on my Vista SP1 Lenovo T500 laptop ended with error 0x8e5e01fe.&nbsp
; I was refered to Microsoft KB947366 which suggested a number of solutions. I opted for downloading and running the System Update Readiness Tool (72MB).
After running that I rebooted and tried again. This time the upgrade completed successfully in 29 minutes including a reboot.
At this stage everything seems to be working well except my KeyText utility which apparently will
not run under SP2. I downloaded the latest version and it won’t run either.
Apart from that there are no other problems apparent but time will tell.
My first impressions are that SP2 looks just like SP1
and seems to run at much the same speed. This is what I expected



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