Local Non-Basmati  Fine Rice              – 500GMs

Lime / lemon                                       – Two of medium size

Ghee from cow milk                              – 150GMs

Salt                                                      – 3 tsp

Cashew Nuts(split)                                – 50gms

Raisins                                                 – 25gms


  Clean rice with water and drain water altogether.

  Dry up rice in the sun on a dish for about 10 minutes.
Put a rice cooker on high flames and bring water to boil. 
Transfer the dried-up rice to the boiling water and cook till 75% done.   
On another burner, fry the split cashew nuts a little not allowing to turn

             golden brown. Also, fry raisins a little and keep both the items on a plate for

                  a while.

   Squeeze lime in a container separating seeds, Please do not squeeze strongly which will give you a bitter taste.

  Now, put all salt in the lime extract and allow it to dissolve.

Melt ghee and keep aside.   
  Drain water altogether from the cooked rice (75% cooked)  
   Transfer the cooked rice to a dish.
Now, put a layer of 1/4th of cooked rice in the rice cooker and sprinkle one-   fourth   each of lime juice-salt mixed, ghee, cashew nuts and raisins.    
Repeat the process until the fourth layer is completed.   
Keep it covered for 10 minutes.    
Mix well while serving, Care should be ensured to distribute ghee to all content as it has the nature of finding the bottom.   

  • This is a very popular item among Puri Brahmins and this figures in their dish at least once a week.
  • It is very tasty when served with items like mutton or fish masala. 

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