Email Encryption Tool


Spam email is one of the biggest issues facing the internet and the email encryption tool is designed to help reduce the effect of this and minimize the ability of 3rd party email "harvesting" robots from being able to read your email address when it is posted on your web site(s). This should minimize the amount of spam that the email address would receive as the "harvesting" bots will not be able to determine your actual email address.

How to use this tool

Simply enter the email address you want to protect and click the button. The result will display some code that can be simply copied and pasted to where you would normally include you email address. The code will parse the information and show the correct email on the page, but the "harvesting" bots will only be able to see the encryption code and not your email address.

The email address is encoded into ASCII then encrypted using a timestamp and written into the HTML document using JavaScript.The code given here is a mailto: link which is similar to a standard html "<a>" tag but the href parameter starts with mailto: instead of http://, and then the email address .

The code output can be used to substitute where you would normally put your email address into your web pages code.

Go here here very easy to use and it is self explanatory.See the screenshot below.


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