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Domain Age Tool

  The domain age tool works in the same manner as the Domain Who Is tool, but will only display the domains age (in days), when it was first registered and when it will expire. How to use this tool Enter the domain name into the box without the www. or the TLD (.com or […]

Something of small importance

  Twitter usage augmented by almost 800 percentages as compared with 2008 Firefox mobile version codenamed as "Fenec" "Man in the Dark" is the first 3D movie from Hollywood . (HDCP) is the acronym for High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection. (HDMI) is the acronym for High-Definition Multimedia Interface. (MPEG-2) is the acronym for Motions Pictures Expert […]

Hair Care :2

1. Balanced, healthy diet include calcium, iron and protein in daily diet. Vitamin B and C are also essential for hair growth. 2. Get a hair massage once or twice a week improves blood circulation in the scalp, which enhances hair growth. 3.Cleansing hair on a regular basis . In hot, humid climate it is […]

for you only…

Now-a-days; I wake up in morning with smile,Full of inspiration and gile,For you and for you only. Noon makes me pleasant ,With full of spirit ,For you and for you only. Evening holds me with happiness,Air spreads the rhythm ,For you and for you only. Nights filled with sweet dreams ,Song of love whispered in […]

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