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To-Do DeskList is a to-do software that is powerful in its simplicity and effectivity. Its development was inspired by real situations at work or home when new small to-dos or thoughts come to mind while working and it is not efficient to store them into a complex to-do list software. There are several ways how to handle them though – write them on paper, store them for example in notepad or forget them after a few seconds. Since non of these methods is too efficient To-Do DeskList To-Do DeskList was made to help with storing such tasks and thoughts into a well-arranged and well designed to-do list in a way as simple and fast as possible. See screenshots at the end of the article.

The main program consists of so called "to-do leaves", which represent the to-do list. They are small notes placed in a corner of your desktop and they carry the to-do note text. A new to-do leaf appears when you add a new to-do note in the Add To-Do dialog. When clicking a to-do leaf, a To-Do Leaf Click Action that you specified first time you clicked a to-do leaf is called. It can be "Mark To-Do as Done", "Delete To-Do", "Edit To-Do", "Show Extended Note" or "No Action". By default there are also three icons displayed on to-do leaves. Mark To-Do as Done icon, Edit To-Do icon and Show Extended Note icon.

Every to-do leaf has a popup leaf menu with common leaf options. The main application menu can be displayed by right-click on the program notify icon. The default action of this menu "Show To-Do Leaves" brings all to-do leaves in front of all other applications so that you can display all to-do leaves anytime you need. It is especially important to define a hotkey for this action as it speeds up the process a lot and it offers an additional functionality: the first time the hotkey is pressed all to-do leaves are shown and the second time the hotkey is pressed focus is returned to the previously active application.

Extended Note

Extended Note is an additional note that can be appended to a to-do note leaf. The effectiveness of this application cerpa from its ability to store short notes in a very easy and clean way but if you need to add more information to your note, you can use the Extended Note. As you can see in the illustration above the Extended Note is being defined in the Add To-Do dialog along with the standard To-Do Note.

You can access the Extended Note by clicking the Info icon in the right bottom corner of a to-do leaf.

Show To-Do List

Dialog provides a classic list of all your to-dos including the to-dos marked as done.This dialog is accessible from the main application menu (the tray icon menu) and provides also some extended functionality such as deleting all to-dos at once or filtering to-dos by priority. From this dialog you can add, edit and delete your to-dos too.

General Settings

To-do leaves placing
Closing to-do leaf on double-click
Autostart settings
The first setting, To-do leaves placing, allows you to set up in which corner of the screen (desktop) the to-do leaves are shown. The options are "Bottom right" (default), "Bottom left", "Top right" and "Top left".
Checking the option two, Closing to-do leaf on double-click, causes that to-do leaves are closed on double click, not on single click (default).
Enabling the option Sort to-do leaves by priority leads to sorting to-do leaves on your desktop by its priority, so if you have several notes with medium priority and add a low priority note, it is displayed under the medium priority leaves.
To-Do Leaf Click Action is an action that is to be performed when clicking a to-do leaf. It can be "Mark To-Do as Done", "Delete To-Do", "Edit To-Do", "Show Extended Note" or "No Action".
In Autostart settings you can enhance the way the application runs after windows startup to "Never", "With current user" (default) and "With all users".

Hotkey Settings

To-Do DeskList aims to provide a very fast, easy and effective way to store tasks in a simple to-do list, it is very important to use hotkeys to gain all its power.
Currently there are two hotkey options:

Add To-Do
Show To-Do Leaves
The hotkey settings can be changed in the Edit Hotkey dialog that is displayed by selecting a hotkey in the list and clicking the Edit button. Checking the option "Use the following hotkey" enables selecting a specific hotkey for current action. By default hotkeys are disabled but you can use the pre-defined hotkeys which are CTRL+ALT+L for Add To-Do and CTRL+ALT+M for Show To-Do Leaves.

Appearance Settings

To-Do DeskList provides some basic options in changing the look of to-do leaves. There are three built-in themes available – "Dark" (default), "Light" and "Sky" and you can also define your custom theme.The option Opacity which represents the transparency level of to-do leaves is global and affects all themes, both built-in and custom theme. In order to use a custom theme, the option "Use custom theme" or "custom" in themes select box has to be selected. Then you can use the "Background settings" and "Font settings" buttons to display dialogs where you can change the to-do leaf background color, choose a picture as a to-do leaf background or change the font and font color.
The Show buttons option will enable or disable certain buttons/icons on to-do leaves.


To-Do DeskList:
Free technical support :[email protected]


Good user interface smooth appearance cool for the eyes.

Consumes a lot of Ram so system with higher Ram should be used,also the information shows the timing of writing so useful application.

Extended notes can be accessible through the user interface. Hotkey setting available,Priority settings like medium,high etc can be configurable,To-Do leaves spacing can be done on bottom right,bottom left or top right or top left,Launch at windows start up options available,theme settings custom ,dark,light and sky and dark being the default after installation.

Opacity and leaf heights can be adjusted according to the users specifications ,show bottom in the leaves can be editable like extended notes bottom can be removed from the to-do check list or vice versa and so on.

Custom theme editing and font setting can be done for users smooth preferences.

From the trey icon of To-do check list by right clicking display to do lists, add to-do,show to-do list,settings,help file can be accessed directly, as to do list access yours screen directly so anti key logger software or HIPS software will alert you  in the first installation.


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