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Like many webmasters ,must be wishing yours website download speed to be much more swifter and speedier,as many dial up users became irritated at the speed of the website loading as no one loves to wait all want it should be download immediately sop that relevant information can be filtered out of it and many like me believes in the content not the glossy and polish and flashy look of website which are just made for broad band connections. But here is a some sort of solution as read here for more informations.PHP Speedy is a script that you can install on your web server to automatically speed up the download time of your web pages.

Also many host performs Gzip compression on data stream but on the downside also there are many hosts which do not made available the Gzip compression data stream then for them PHPSPEEDY must be the immediate solution.

PHP Speedy boasts:
An installer. Lots of people were having problems with the paths,an installer that*should* take care of everything very easily. If you need to change anything you can either just re-run the installer, or change the config.php file directly.
Full support for relative image paths in your CSS, in multiple CSS files. Image paths in CSS are now converted to absolute paths, so you no longer have to worry about where to cache the CSS.
Added support for different rel types. (rel=”alternative” and rel=”stylesheet” are cached separately)
Added support for conditional comments in the HEAD tags (this also fixed the problem of commented out stylesheets)
There are 4 ways by which you can speed up the time PHPSPEEDY takes a browser to download a page:

Make fewer HTTP requests
Add a far-future expires header
Gzip your page’s components
Minify your JavaScript, CSS and HTML

Quick Launch:
download the script click here
Download file with Scriptanddemopage
PHP Speedy beginners guide: http://aciddrop.com/php-speedy

then place PHP code at the start of your page:

require_once(‘class.compressor.php’); //Include the class. The full path may be required
$compressor = new compressor(‘css,javascript,page’);

at the botton of the page:


That’s it! check out the test pages here:

  1. web-site speed boost test page WITH compression:http://aciddrop.com/aciddrop/minify/
  2. web-site speed boost test page WITHOUT compression:http://aciddrop.com/aciddrop/minify/compress_me.php?compress=no

The class can be downloaded here:http://aciddrop.com/aciddrop/minify-0.3/aciddrop_site_compression-0.3.zip

Speed gains:


The Yahoo  Yslow rating went from F(45) to A(97). see below.

Installation – manual

If you prefer to manually install things:
Download and unzip the PHP Speedy package into its own directory
Delete the index.php and install.php files
Open config.php
Fill in the blanks for the variables (apart from username and password). You might enter something like this:
$compress_options[‘document_root’] = “/home/my_site/public_html”;
$compress_options[‘javascript_cachedir’] = “/home/my_site/public_html/aciddrop/php_speedy/”;
$compress_options[‘css_cachedir’] = “/home/my_site/public_html/aciddrop/php_speedy/”;
$compress_options[‘minify’][‘javascript’] = “1″;
Make sure the directories you specified for the cachedirs are writable
For the GZIP, minify and expires options 1 is on and 0 is off
Open the php file that controls the output of HTML that you will be compressing. This might be something like index.php. Include the php_speedy.php file at the very top, i.e like this:
Add this code at the very bottom $compressor->finish();


A server running at least PHP4. For JavaScript minification to work as well, PHP5+ is required.
You should set the folder where you are running the class from as writable


If you have a word press blog, a plug-in has been released for it for implementation of PHPSPEEDY . Click here to know more.

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