Hyderabad – City of Pearls and Biriyani

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Hyderabad was founded by Sultan Mohammad Quili Qutub Shah in 1590 AD at Golconda Kingdom. It is the fifth largest city of India and is a Metro now. Hyderabad and Secunderabad are together known as twin cities.

Hyderabad is divided into two parts- Old City and New City. The Old City has historical monuments, buildings and bazaars while the New City on the North of the Musi is full of modern buildings, offices, schools, colleges and malls.

Secunderabad is at about 7 kilometers towards the north of the Hyderabad City passing through the Hussain Sagar Lake.

     Hyderabad is situated at 1760` above the sea level.
     Its temperature varies between 40*- 22*C in summer and 22*- 13*C in winter
     Pin Code – 500001
     STD Code – 0842
     Indian Airlines City Office at Saifabad, Ph. No. 236902
     Airport – 842051-3 


By Air: Indian and almost all other private airlines offer round the clock domestic and a few international services.

By Rail: excellent train services available to all Indian cities.
By Road :
     It has NH 7 – VaranasiNagpurBangaloreKanyakumari
     And NH 9 connecting BombayPuneSholapurVijayawada

Distances from:
     Aurangabad – 599kms.
     Nagpur – 468kms.
     Vijayawada – 271kms.
     Visakhapatnam – 837kms.
     Bhubaneswar – 1063kms.
     Bhopal – 813kms.
     Tirupati – 651kms.
     Delhi – 1453kms. Kolkata – 1516kms.
     Mumbai – 739kms.
     Chennai – 704kms.
     Bangalore – 566kms.

Places to see:


It was built in 1591 AD. It has four minarets built up on four granite arches facing the four directions, each side measuring 60` in length and 42` in width. Each minaret is of 90` high with four storey. The height of each minar (pillar) from the ground level is 180`. You can have a glimpse of the suburb from atop the minars. The four granite arches face North, South, East and West. Each of the four pillars faces a highway. Each minar has four storeys and last upper part consists of one mosque and a school. 
Replete with Islamic art and architecture situated at the Charminar South Gate, this mosque claims its antiquity to 1614 AD from the era of Emperor Aurangzeb. Its length, breadth and height are 225`, 180` and 75` respectively.
On the opposite side of the State Library and by the side of River Musi, this amazing museum is situated which has a rare assemblage of the old and the rare and modern and the beautiful. This museum is open from 10AM to 5PM.
A tourist can hire or share a boat ride based on the number of hours` ride. Boating on Husain  Sagar is very pleasant and enjoyable especially with family and friends.
King of  Warrangal built this fort which is one of the rarest edifices India boasts of. The height of the fort is 400` and the circumference of the fort wall is 5 miles with 87 semi-circular bastion. The fort has nine gates, namely, Fateh Darwaja, Banja Darwaja, Pattancheru Darwaja , Bahmani Darwaja, Jamati Darwaja, Moti Darwaja , Mecca Darwaja , New Fort Darwaja and Bodli Darwaja of which nos. 1, 2, 4 and 5 are open to public now.
The Hindustan Charity Trust, a Birla foundation has constructed this amazing temple of exquisite craftsmanship at Kala Pahad opposite to Noubat Pahad with Lord Venkateswar at 9.5` height made up of granite stones weighing eight tones.

1.    Fateh Darwaja – the main gate of the fort.
2.    Ravindra Bharati – the famous National Theatre of Hyderabad
3.    Osmania University – established in 1918
4.    Nehru Zoological Park – situated beside Mir Alam Tank Road, 2kms. From Charminar. It is the biggest park of its kind in India.
5.    Osman Sagar – a reservoir built in 1920 across the Musi River, 20kms. away from the city covering an area of 18 square miles
6.    Ajanta Pavillion – has arts and paintings of the like of Ajanta & Ellora Caves near the building of Hyderabad Museum.
7.    Qutub Sahi Tombs
8.    Macca Masjid – a fine monument of Oriental Architecture & Islamic art of 16th century AD.

Hyderabad is the city of pearls and unless you visit a pearl merchant of the likes of Mangat Rai at Charminar or at other places, you cannot give your friends and relatives a better presentation at a cheaper rate.

For Biriyani, a good number of standard outlets exist unless you visit big ones for better taste, and, of course, with better cost.

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