How To Configure XnView in Total Commander Version 6.0 as an External File Browser:


Total Commander  is a good file manager supports  Xn View as an Add-On.So in Total commander XnView can be used as the as the viewer for graphic files.

•     Start Total Commander

•     Select the menu Options > Configure to open the Configuration dialog

•     In the Configuration dialog select the category Operation > Edit/View.

•     Select the button Configure Internal Viewer… to open the dialog Configure Lister.

•     Select the option Use IrfanView/XnView to view graphics other than BMP.

•     In the Path field, enter the full path name of the XnView program. Typically this is C:Program FilesXnViewxnview.exe

•     Confirm this option by pressing the OK button.

XnView works in Total Commander for Windows® 9x, NT 4.0, 2000, XP, and ME.
Due to technical restriction, only one frame can be displayed for animated GIF files.


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