The alluring beauty entitled into some gorgeous and wonderful predicament to understand the flow of ideas and presence of nature in its most vibrant and most alluring presence of times where the presence of paradise on earth could be seen and visible at its most vibrant presentation of nature. The alluring aging queen of the capital city of Himachal Pradesh, the southern most city and 347 kilometers from the north of Delhi justifies and showcase the presence of one of the most outstanding and path breaking hill stations of India. It was summer capital of British India and gained its absolute presence and vitality in bringing out the most significant area of India.

The gorgeous Himalayan view and outstanding snow packed hills justify and present one of the most beloved summer vacations place of India. Though many still think the shades of beauty of it just been going away after the departure of British but still now being the full-fledged state capital it had been gaining momentum to provide one of most outstanding aspect of momentary presence of ideas where every other fascinating ideas seems to flow and the reach to it always did mention more ad more wider aspect of definition of what the meant to be hill stations thought of.

With due course of time the advent of modernity and its wider branches to remove greenery environment as well as to introduce more and ore probably fascinating part of understanding to show case due to presence f large number of concrete structures we do still find the age old famous hill stations meant to be Shimla as it is of today. With each and every destinations, you move through it you could find the same age old past beauty of Shimla and what it could have been to find out the more vibrant past and enduring present in its most gigantic and vibrant ways.

Shimla city was built around seven hills of that area and in each and every field the signs and the ideas of past viceroys and signs of English arts and sculpture could be easily seen all around there. As you move forward and watch the movement of the city you could still find the remnants of such culture which seems to be imbibed into deeper into the soul full life of Shimla. You just not have to do anything but roam across the city as walking tour to find more vibrant part of what the real civilisation and the real earth feeling about it. It depends upon how much disposal time you have and how could you utilise those times for the betterment of your tour and travel experiences.

Only a comfortable 15 minutes of trekking into Boileauganj hills leads to the famous temple of Kamna Devi at the confluence of Prospect Hill. It was located on the western side of Shimla. If you wish to stay longer within these marvellous natural environments than you could walk into some more distance into nearby country sides to watch and enjoy the real life and life to the nature at its fullest capacity. It has been all over yourself to understand how nature treats you and manages you and how you were more endeared to nature than ever before. You could find the presence of winter dreamboats vibrating into the more muscled presence of wonderful thoughts to enjoy the vibrant aspect of wonderful nature at its best.

At the north-eastern side of Shimla, the Summer Hill stood tall amongst many. The situated the famous Himachal Pradesh University which should be the best site to pause for some moment to have the book at its developments. Near to the university, there was the famous mansion namely Manorville, which was once stated by the father of the nation. Now, this mansion was the guest house of All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) and once it was the mansion of the former Princess of Himachal Pradesh. The significance of Manorville guest house increased exponentially as it was here. In 1945 Mahatma Gandhi, along with Nehru and other prominent Congress leaders of that genre went to meet the viceroy to demand independence of India.
They meet viceroy Wavle in 1945 for discussions on India’s independence.

Shimla is the windows to meet seven hills. Here there had been many opportunities for smarter buying as well as nicer products to be kept with you for life-time. Beautiful carved walking sticks along with woolen shawls of high quality could be found here. Most of these had been hand made and been developed by weavers from Kullu and Manali. Availability of beautiful Kinnauri mufflers nd scarves was the most favorable and diligent marvel pieces of arty-crafty to have it in your kitty. Te strictly embedded embroidery handicraft from Chamba which should be meant for use of handkerchiefs also the most beautiful attentions that everyone should intend to possess. There had been many forms of Budhist watercraft and art works which should mean to keep some sort of souvenirs to get marvellous experiences of reaching out to this valley.

Most of these Budhist souvenirs had been crafted from Kangra and most of these are the some of the most dynamic and dedicated artworks that need to be followed with equal pertinence and admiration. There had been preence of large number of chineese hadncrafts in smaller shops in and around the marketing areas but ost of prominent shops had been covered and empowered with large umber of native hadncrafts that attracts many such visitors. There had been many places where books and antique lovers should find their home and enchanting presence to be there and enjoy their life out.

These beautiful places in and around different parts of Himachal Pradesh show case everybody’s dream locale. There had been sun set painted dream log houses with smaller sized bedrooms lead to the living room, a working attachment in fireplace, which extends further into well managed dining rooms. Living within these woods log homes just make entire living places the most vibrant and sought after to stay there for longer hours. These boutique mountain resorts situated 20 kilometers in and around the city of Shimla and present one of the most outstanding parts of living standards far away from monotonous lives.

Most of these log wood homes were constructed from pine log wood and situated in the backdrop of deodar forest. You should find more than peace and level of attentive concentration here with the presence of small lawns and independent entrances for each quaint pinewood log cottages. You could introspect your thoughts and flashback about yours life and happenings peacefully. These places had been paradise for outdoor enthusiasts as it provides awesome activity rooms for indoor games as well as the vast field provides a wonderful stage set for day hikes, picnics, golf courses and cricket fields. There had been many places where you could go on a white water river rafting and enjoy the natural surroundings at its fullest glory.

Cosy light settings in these areas as well as presence of bonfires recreates the presence of wonderful artistic marvelous where the similarity towards the paradise on earth could not be probably found elsewhere. The smells of blue pine and conifer trees in and around all these carpet mountains provides just the eye soothing reliefs to sooth the body and mind. Orchards are grey and flat in winter but the presence of summer and cooler seasons show the gigantism atmosphere t understand how such trees come alive with ite-green flowers to produce blood-red fruits during the months of May.

Places to see


Names of places distances in km. From Famous for
Mashobra     Picnic Spot
Naina Devi     Temples
Bajaura 15 Kullu Temples
Bilaspur 26 Kullu Temples
Brahmaur     Temples
Baijanath 22 Kullu Temples
Jwala Mukhi     Temples
Theog     Fishing
Kasauli     Hill Resort
Palampur 153 Kullu       -do-
Nahan 268 kullu       – do –
Solan 213 Kullu      – do –
Dalhousie 254 Shimla      – do –
Mandi 68 Kullu      – do –
Shimla 217 Kullu      – do –
Manali          – do
Dharmasala 185 Shimla      – do
Kufri     Winter Sports
Kullu 40 Manali Valley
Nurpur     Fort
Kangra 192 Kullu Fort
Nagar     Museum
Kotgarh     Orchards
Chail     Sanctuary
Khoksar     The land of the Lamas
Keylong     Budhist Monasteries
Trilokinath     Budhist Monasteries
Tattapani     Sulpher spring
Manikaran     Sulpher spring
Bashistha 3 Manali Sulpher spring
Narkanda     Himalayan peaks can be viewed
Govindasagar     Boating
Paonta Sahib     Gurudwara
Rewalsar     Lake
Kalpa     Flora & fauna
Naldehra     Golf
Khajiar     Golf
Chamba 105 Shimla  
Hamirpur 108 Shimla  



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