Free Launch Bar- Replacement For Quick Launch Bar:

Free Launch Bar is a Free replacement for the standard Quick Launch bar. All functions presented in Quick Launch are also in Free Launch Bar. However, the Free Launch Bar is fully compatible with Quick Launch because it uses the same folder for shortcuts. But there is one huge difference.

Free Launch Bar allows combine shortcuts into groups. Due to this improved short cut management resultant is the enhancement of yours hardisc space.As the website suggests it launches programs in lesser seconds than quick launch bar but as per my viewing if it so then it hardly noticeable and visible impact on the user is minimal.


Why Free Launch Bar?

As the website suggests:
"First of all you already have almost all features of Free Launch Bar on Quick Launch. You can create menus with Quick Launch, but you must hold down CTRL key to open menu and you cannot rearrange items inside menu. Free Launch Bar is the excellent replacement for

Quick Launch, it uses the same technology. Free Launch Bar is the only FREE software that can be integrated into taskbar. If your Quick Launch have some tens of shortcuts, Free Launch Bar help you to organize them into nice menus. You do not need to open stupid dialog boxes to add, remove or rearrange shortcuts – all you need Drag&Drop or right-click shortcut."

The main features of Free Launch Bar:

Creating menu on taskbar with unlimited levels
Compatibility with Windows XP
Integration into Windows Shell
Low resources
Compatibility with Quick Launch
Creating separators to group shortcuts inside menus
Different view modes
Using PNG pictures as icons
Support of Windows Drag&Drop technology. To add shortcuts you can simply drag them into
Improved tips. You can include some of HTML tags into button description.Fast toolbar switching
Absolutely FREE

System requirement:

Free Launch Bar can be installed on Windows™ 9x/Me/2000/NT4/XP/Vista

Free Launch Bar

Alternate Download



At first instance it seems bit weird but with due course of time it seems a good add-on but

the sad part of the schemes is that though it is a freeware but it seems lighter version of its own shareware  True Launch Bar . As in Free Launch Bar cannot be done advance separators,Plug-in, Virtual Folders, Skins,auto close menus,auto runs,context menus,auto-sensing ,live update,back up and restore.

But above all lots of things can be done with Free Launch Bar at least more than the basic that is of quick launch bar.

Source: Techie Buzz



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