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Auto-refresh utilities in a mechanism manner update your browser screen at preset time intervals.This option is highly demanded in emails where if you open yours inbox then at the same time mail comes or after some seconds then if  yours browser have this feature or addins means the Auto-refresh utilities then these mails means the new mail will be seen in yours inbox in yours browser.

These are necessary for fast changing events such as above written and also sports scores, auctions and financial markets where you need to keep track of what’s happening.Also the social networking fan like face book,twitter or orkut, you can keep track of the events as soon as the scrap comes as  yours browser will be automatically refresh and also track the latest information on board for you.

First we will talking about Opera

Most innovative browser and here everything you find first then the other browsers add-ons. Opera has an built in functionality for Auto-refresh utilities is called 30 seconds. Suppose you go to a site that does not reload after certain intervals and that site may be the sports site to observe the scores for you and here is the trick , right click any where in the browser page and then go to and there you can see from seconds 5 ,15,30  to minute 1,2,15,30 and also you have the custom option to set the reload intervals and also for reload now you can right click on the browser page opening the page you wanted to observe and reload at periodically then right click and then reload or short cut (Ctrl+R) see the screen shot below it has been a staggering  tool for Opera which is built in and works like magic.



Firefox users have comparatively easier choices than Internet Explorer users , here is a free extension for users called a free extension called ReloadEvery and it will  fulfill yours auto-refresh utilities in a mechanism .

Internet Explorer 7

For Internet Explorer users one tool is called "Auto Refresher for IE" (AutoRefresherforIE)and after installation it does not work for you automatically rather you have to go here View/Toolbars to enable and it is belonging to some prior time but it is working fine and excellent with IE 7.

One important considerations:

While filling the web forms make sure enough to turn these Auto-refresh utilities switch off other wise on the refresh you will lose the data filled on the web form and have to do it again or submit it again.

Quick launch:

Auto-refresh utilities
Opera:                                          Built in -short cut (Ctrl+R)
Firefox::                                         Reload every
Internet Explorer 7:                     AutoRefresher

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