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As the  website of Pc Tools suggests "Benefit from year round privacy with the latest release copy of  PrivacyGuardian– PC Tools’ powerful, simple and easy to install software, allowing you to erase online Internet tracks and program activity. " also the website suggests "To claim your free copy of Privacy Guardian please complete the details below. You will receive an email with your license code and instructions on how to download the software."

go here to register:    , fill the followings column as shown in the screen shot. and then submit . If successful then this information will come out

"License Generation Complete Your FREE Privacy Guardian license has been generated and emailed to the email address you provided."

Then go to your mail box the email you provided during the registration process. Go to inbox check the mail [email protected] There it will be written as :

"As promised, following is the license code to your FREE version of PC Tools’ Privacy Guardian. Firstly, download the latest version at: Then, once installed, simply input the details below and enjoy.

License name: ****************

License code: *****************************""

Please note this license code will only work with the version of Privacy Guardian that you received with this promotion. Please install the program by double-clicking the setup file provided.Once installed, launch Privacy Guardian from the Start menu and when you see the main screen click on the "Register" button found on the top right-side.The registration screen will then be shown. Enter the name and license key exactly as shown above the License name and License code(copy & paste).Please note both must be entered exactly as shown as they are both required to validate the license information.Click the "Register" button at the bottom of the screen and you will be shown a message indicating that the program is now successfully registered, click "OK" to continue.

Congratulations, the registration process is now complete and you will now be returned to the free registered version of the Privacy Guardian.And then check for updates.



Download Privacy Guardian for FREE!


Quick Launch

promotion page and .register
Download Privacy Guardian for FREE!
Email :[email protected]

  1. Personally I donont like this software as it is heavy on system resources and I run the windows on DEP so DEP tends to stop it from executing and then I have to add it in the exceptions
  2. If PC Tools Antispyware or Norton AV installed then after the cleaning and optimization , and after restart PC tends  to fridge and I have to manually restart it then it runs smoothly may be an exceptional case in my Pc but it happens to my PC and laptop so this makes me to skip this wonderful product
  3. I do not believe in constant registry cleaning as it may unstable the system .
  4. In support for it excellent tool and seems to do the work quite meticulously
  5. Bleach your hard drive means it will delete earlier deleted files from yours hard drive, is a good feature.Also beware as bigger hard rive and bigger use of deleted functionality , then bleaching takes even some time you have to  be ready to consume time sometime while bleaching.
  6. Securely delete individual files and folders.
  7. Securely clean your Windows and Internet activity and privacy
  8. Also shows information about CPU ususage and also of RAM and processor usages.

Source : RaymondForum

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