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1 An interesting and well coordinated new site has been launched by ghacks ,freewaregenuis and Rarst. The name of the site is  ,some combination of software update listing site, with extra links to blog write-ups of the updated software, and quick download/twitter/email links. was born – joint project of Rarst, freewaregenuis and ghacks  to bring you more software, more updates and more reviews.

According to one member of this group ghacks on  donation coder forum

"it’s a joint project that was first supposed to become a feed only but we decided to create a website based on that. It basically offers a feed that gets updated whenever a software that has been reviewed at one of the sites gets updated. Most of it is automated but some has to be done by hand, for example adding new applications to the list. Rarst did all of the coding and stuff and we (that’s Samer of freewaregenuis and me) did help shape the functionality and such.

It is a service to our readers that get the benefit of being informed when a good software has been updated with the option to read up on it at one of our sites. It’s currently not clear where we go from here. Possibilities are to include more blogs and an archive among other possibilities. What we need right now is user input. If you got anything to add let us know. Good things, bad things, we like to listen  And if you have any questions let us know as well."

Overall this website concentrates on the software as they have reviewed and also freeware updates with links to additional information.It can be used for getting to know the softwares which been updating in each week or days and its been good source of information.

As Rarst one more contributor of website says at donation coder forum:

"Thank you for the write-up. As Martin said above site itself is more like for the with updates, which is core of it all. For those interested in technical side I had posted some details. I made first version of feed for my blog and it worked fine for my readers. Much later I decided to make things more interesting and useful – and with help and input from Martin and Samer it gradually developed into

It is very young (like three days since release) project and there are quite a few ideas and people flocking around it already. All feedback is welcome and all suggestions will be actively considered for future development"


Source:  Rarst  ,  donation coder forum

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