3D Picture Browser v1.0

3D Picture Browser is a free program for Windows that features a real-time 3D user interface for browsing the folders on your computer and viewing the pictures that they contain. Its concept is absolutely unique,as this "Readme" information suggests it has been a truly sensational having a small installation though its Ram consumption is pretty high , so it can be used  in if you want some vista ultimate climate for browsing the folder contains and it has been truly phenomenal to see the and it is truly phantastic and wonderful.

The controls of  3D Picture Browser are among the simplest no scrollbars, no double-clicks, no right-clicks, just move the mouse and also for overview look up just scroll the mouse just like as if you are playing some games and you will be reaching your picture destination truly imaginative freeware single-click with the left mouse button to open a folder or to view a photo. It’s so natural.

launch the file Setup.exe that is included in the zip file that you have downloaded.Important requirement is .NET Framework 2.0 and if you do not have the .NET Framework 2.0 he setup program will automatically download it and install it. It is better to install the .NET Framework 2.0 and then install this freeware as the download of .NET Framework 2.0 takes heavy time.
download link for the .NET Framework 2.0 was:

.NET Framework 2.0

The latest build of DirectX 9 is required. If the program does not start or you get an error message, please download Direct 9X and (re)install it.

a download link for the build "9.0c" of DirectX 9 was:

DirectX 9

Author contact
New Version available from here

programme is 1.262kb zip file download from herezip_archive


1..NET Framework 2.0 ,DirectX 9 required both are heavy software  also takes a large chunk of yours OS drive.
2. sometimes browsing becomes blurred
3. in 3d browsing the mouse cursor movement is paramount so for the non expert may face stiffness in the beginning some practice required.
4.high amount of Ram ususage so a system with big amount of Ram is precondition even on that Ram also people will  be hesitate to install this one so this shortcomings should be looked into.
5.Installation is quick and good and excellent
6. for a gamer like me it has been a truly blessed for me.
7.can be used at leisure time for browsing the favorite pictures so that some real 3d effects environment with shadow reflections can be experience and sensed
8.Press escape to relieve from the 3d environment  and reach the desktop environment.



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