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DAHI-CHUNGUDI TARAKARI (cheese-prawn curry)

  INGREDIENTS 1.    Medium Size Prawns – 250gms. 2.    Thick and dried up curd – 2 tablespoons 3.    salt – as per requirement 4.    Turmeric Powder – 1 tablespoon 5.    Mustard Oil – 50gms. 6.    Curry Leaves – 1 tablespoon 7.    Green Chilies – 3 fully chopped 8.    Cashew Nuts -  6 9.    Poppy Seeds Continue Reading »


  INGREDIENTS 1.    Paneer  – 100gms. 2.    Corn Flour – ½ cup 3.    Salt – as per requirement 4.    Water – 3 cups 5.    Cumin & Chili powder -   ½ tablespoon each 6.    Ghee made from cow milk – 100gms. 7.    Green Cashew Nuts (available aplenty at Puri for six months beginning from April) – Continue Reading » – software updates

   An interesting and well coordinated new site has been launched by ghacks ,freewaregenuis and Rarst. The name of the site is  ,some combination of software update listing site, with extra links to blog write-ups of the updated software, and quick download/twitter/email links. was born – joint project of Rarst, freewaregenuis and ghacks  Continue Reading »


 My fascination for tour of South India springs from three paramount significant considerations which according to me are comparatively more safety, better affordability and lesser headache for availability of both air and landline tickets than most of the places elsewhere in India. Also, package tours are more complete and less worrisome when compared to my Continue Reading »


  This is how chicken is prepared and customized for the people of the City of Puri (of Orissa State in India), the Land of Lord Jagannath. Preparation Time: Two Hours Cooking Time: One Hour INGREDIENTS Lamb  – 500gms cut into 2”-sized pieces. Cow Ghee – 2 tablespoons Turmeric Powder – 1 tablespoon Salt to Continue Reading »

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