Sky-blue flip,
Flexile out crosswise time
Persuasions, dotting the wide reach
Wandering without aim
By the season wrap.

Visible light,
blessed  on a close body of water
In the  supply,
jejune views of statement olden wave,
reflective  off-duty the flecked surface.
Loose  breezes,
To fling about the glooms.
Forebodings heighten the line,.
Bedims increase the skyline
Slender trees bend in the flair
Plication and spots, like motions upon the body of water.


A hoo-ha of effect,
lash across the sky.
Lightening pulls through and through the chiaroscuro
A replace inside, a consequence without.
And after,
All is calm
All is steady
All is tranquil
All is stable once again
Nothing same
Null is the equal
Nonentity is the like
Ago is breathless
And I am detached.


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