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Opera show an impressive feature of Opera browser , convert yours browser into an advance presentation tool give and show presentation from yours computer.In comparison with Microsoft PowerPoint and Open Office presentations Opera show is far ahead due to following attributes.

According to Opera

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It is a standard feature of a small and fast Web browser
It uses HTML as the document format, which makes the files lightweight compared to proprietary formats used by other tools
It makes publishing your presentation on the Web a breeze
Compared to other presentation tools, Opera is inexpensive
It will not annoy your audience with tacky animations

Presentation tools help presenters convey their message to an audience. Presenting a set of slides containing text and images can enliven the talk and gently keep the speaker on track. Printing out the slides or publishing them on the Web allows your audience to easily review the presentation later.

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Iolo technologies, LLC Iolo technologies, LLC

To make Opera show manually basic knowledge of HTML is a must if you do not know  then do not bother and go to Opera Show Center try out the on-line Opera Show Generator.

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Launching Opera Show
Press F11 to see this document in Opera Show
And press F11 again to return to normal screen
Navigate by pressing PgDn and PgUp
Opera will:
use the full screen
split a single document into several pages, or "slides"
apply new fonts and colors
show different content
The presentation is controlled by a CSS2 style sheet

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Iolo technologies, LLC

Using Opera show is very easy when you press F11 then it will go in full-screen mode -  no scrollbars, no menus, only the document itself. will be shown slides for suitable projection.F11 toggles between full screen mode and normal screen mode.

When you are in full-screen mode, you can still scroll by using the arrow keys, and you can move between pages in the document using the PgUp and PgDn keys.when viewing image files in Opera, you can press F11 to see them presented on a black background in full-screen mode.

In the next article I will be writing about Authoring Opera Show Presentations.

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