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No single part of the modern computer system is more susceptible to malfunction than the hard disk. In fact, such a malfunction can be unavoidable. With Windows-based O&O DriveLED, however, you now have the ability to recognize a potential malfunction before it happens. You can then secure your data and, through the removal of affected hard disk drives, potentially avoiding a fatal loss of data.

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1 Because hard disk drives contain parts designed to operate with precision to the nearest micro inch or at speeds topping as many a thousand of revolutions per minute, the possibility of a malfunction rises with the age of the hard disk. However, the possibility of a failure and subsequent loss of data is now easily controllable with O&O DriveLED 2. With O&O DriveLED 2 you have a reliable partner that accurately tells you when it is time to backup your important data or even if it is necessary to replace the hard disk. With only one license required for all the hard disks in your computer, you will remain constantly informed as to the condition of your hard disks and, most importantly, be warned in the event of a pending malfunction. O&O DriveLED not only contributes greatly to your system’s security and the sustained availability of your data, but is the correct solution for SMART inspections of your hard disk.

O&O Software GmbH

Internet: http://www.oo-software.com
Support: [email protected]
Sales: [email protected]

Support of all SCSI disk drives
Support of all windows-compatible hardware volumes
Warning notification of possible operational errors on all hard disk drives
Self tests run directly in Windows without the creation of a boot disk!

Automatic monitoring of all S.M.A.R.T. properties

Tracking and display of read/write access for logical volumes

System Requirements

O&O DriveLED is compatible with Windows NT 4 (Service Pack 6 or newer), Windows 2000, Windows 2003, and Windows XP. In addition, it is necessary to have Microsoft Internet Explorer (Version 5.01 or newer) installed.

How to grab O&O DriveLED 2 for free ?

2 Go here , fill the form and hit submit button , you can fill the asterisk filed only, and special mention here is that “Verwenden Sie bereits O&O Software?” means in the form is that in English “DO you already using an [email protected] Software”   and after doing the registration the page will show

“Shortly you will be receiving your free personal license key by e-mail!

Should you have any questions in the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact us using the contact information provided on our website.”

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and then check the mail you  have given in the form and check inbox the mail from [email protected] this is the mail from O&O Register and there it will be written as “

Thank you very much for you interest in O&O DriveLED and
your online registration with O&O Software!

Included with this email is the registration information
necessary to unlock the full version of O&O DriveLED 2.0.

We hope that our product meets your expectations and fits
your needs. If you have any feedback for us, please do not
hesitate to contact us. We very much welcome your ideas,
suggestions, or criticism. Please contact us at:
mailto:[email protected]

Detailed information and news regarding our products and
services can be found on our website:

Downloading the Software
In case you have not done so already, the most current
versions of our software that you now own can be downloaded
at http://www.oo-software.com/en/download/. Included on this
site you can find all O&O products.

If the purchased software is already downloaded and installed,
you will need the following registration information to unlock
the registered versions of our software. To do so, simply
start the program and follow the instructions of the
Registration Assistant.

O&O Registration Code
Product: O&O DriveLED -Single User License (1 Computer)


Please enter the serial number(s) into the Registration
Assistant EXACTLY as stated below. Please be sure to read the
End User’s License Agreement (EULA) shown during registration

In the field "Name":      "**************************"
In the field "Company":   "****************************"
In the field "License#":  "**************************"

IMPORTANT: When entering the registration information, please do
not enter the quotation marks around name, company, and
serial number. Once again, be sure to enter the registration
information exactly as it appears in this confirmation e-mail.

If you have trouble completing your registration, please read
the section below entitled O&O Registration – Tips.

O&O Registration – Tips
If you receive an error message while entering in your serial
number, please double-check the accuracy of your serial
number, name, and the company name.

It is necessary that this information entered EXACTLY matches
the information provided in this e-mail. One easy way to
ensure this accuracy is through the use of the "Copy / Paste"

However, if problems persist, please contact our Support
Department at: mailto:[email protected]

Then Download the installer for the latest version of O&O DriveLED 2 and then install the software and then fill up the name , company and license as you will receive in your email.Software privacy policy statement .

This O&O DriveLed is a full software and does not have any time related expiry.

Special mention here is that already O&O DriveLed 3 is out so if you are satisfied with it then you can vouch for the latest version from the website.

Comment on this software:

1 At first hand am not very impressed with this software as its computer temperature detector should have been stay at task bar not at the middle of the desktop and it as very annoying and as per the its SMART detection it is up to users to decided  I have no expertise on it, but it is a full software and great to have this kind of luxury but I still prefer PC Doctor.

Remove O&O DriveLED

To remove O&O DriveLED from your system, open the ‘Control Panel’ by clicking on ‘Settings’ in the Start Menu and double-click on the icon ‘Add or Remove Programs’. From the list of installed programs, please select ‘O&O DriveLED’ and click on ‘Add/Remove’ button. Confirm this removal of O&O DriveLED. After the program is removed, you will be notified on-screen with a pop-up window. O&O DriveLED is now removed from your system.


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