Free Shareware License from Brothersoft


At first you will be a member of Brothersoft and can get free licenses for 5 sharewares, followings are the offerings the free sharewares from Brothersoft .

  1. Register here
  2. Go to this shareware page
  3. Then downlaod the softwares.

1.TheWorld Browser Christmas version
2.Christmas Adventure Screensaver
3.Advanced WindowsCare Professional
4.Plato Video to iPhone Converter
5.Titan Backup

Out of it I like TheWorld Browser Christmas version, and the Titan Back up been the latest version with some additional feature the bad thing about it that only the back side been the Brothersoft logo as you can see the screenshot below but it is not that much annoying. Advance Window care version 2 can be downloaded from here but it is not the latest version the, latest version 3  has been renamed as the Advance System Care due to Microsoft ‘s objection in the using of the word Windows.


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